The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey, #2) The Iron Daughter question

Has anyone noticed?
Samantha  Rizzuti Samantha Feb 17, 2012 01:18PM
Has anyone noticed that Ash said humans make him sick to Meghan, and that he had to be telling the truth since faeries can't lie? This is really bugging me...

I suck at explaining things. .___.

Hey I noticed. I'll quote (I cant really tell the page because I'm reading on my Kindle)
Ash Froze, his back still to me. For just a moment, I saw his hands clench at his sides.

"that's unfortunate for you, isn't it?" he said, his voice dead of emotion.

"But the Summer Court has always been weak. Why would I touch the half breed daughter of Oberon? Don't make me sick human."

I dont know if that last part is the one that you are referring to ?

(which my kindle tell's me that is page 32, but I've found It never shows the correct page when I go to the actual book.)

But later on as you said when they meet Ironhorse and Grimalkin they say that
"fey can tell an untruth" and I'll quote:

Puck nodded."Pretty much, Princess." He shot an evil look at Ironhorse.

Though comparing Rusty to to one of us is a bit of a stretch".

"But... you told lies all the time,when you were Robbie. Your entire life was a lie."

Grimalkin snorted." Just because he cannot lie does not mean he cannot deceive, human. Robin Goodfellow is an expert at dancing around the truth."

So I think maybe Ash was just trying to deceive Rowan by acting like she (human) was making him sick.
But he didn't said what kind of sick It might as well be heart-sick hahahaha. Which wouldn't be a bad thing I suppose lol.

Well that's what I think, hope I don't offend anyone with my point of view :P. Anyways I hope the quotes help! :D

when did he said that exactly? i can't remember

Samantha Rizzuti He said that near the beginning, before Sage died. It was after Rowan made her eat that wierd fruit/mushroom thing.
Feb 17, 2012 01:43PM

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