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Katsa or Katniss (Graceling and Hunger Games spoilers)
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Who is more badass?

Obviously Katsa would win in a fight simply because she's graced but given external factors who do you think is more of a survivor? Mentally? Emotionally?

Extending this: How would Katsa perform in the Hunger Games? (so many of you were already answering this so I wanted to add it :P) Against the Capitol? As the Mockingjay?

How would Katniss do against King Leck, the mountain range (including the cougar), falling in love with Po (yes this is a major growing point for Katsa) and against the opression of her Uncle?

For discussion purposes:

Key differences- Katsa was kept somewhat deluded most of her life by her Uncle, Katniss was forced to see the bottom line quite early because of her mother. More differences in background/upbringing. And as one poster mentioned already, most of Katniss's motivation is based around other people. Katsa is more remote and independant.

Key similarities- difficulty falling in/dealing with love, serious protective instincts for younger girls/women in general/weaker people, Katsa's disregard for the horses and Katniss' dislike of Buttercup.

Going to go with Katniss, cause what Katniss went through requires EXTREME survivor skills. It takes more than just physical survival skills to survive. As we have never seen Katsa in a Katniss situation, I have to go with Katniss being better at surviving.

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katsa of course,she is graceling. but i like katniss moreeee

it surprises me that this is even a question..but oh well its obvious that KATSA is waaay more badass than katniss... imean come on people its KATSA,GRACED WITH SURVIVAL!!!!BASICALLY LIFE

If put Katsa in the Hunger Games, Katsa would easily win the entire thing. She could be put in a tundra and she'd still survive. All because she is graced with survival. Also, if Po was in the ring, I don't think Katsa would pull the poison berry or Cornicopia feast stunts that Katniss did. But, I prefer Katniss as a character even if Katsa would destroy her.

There's really no contest here. Although I really liked Katniss much better than Katsa, Katsa would win.
Katniss is only human. She has only what her work and drive to survive has provided. On the other hand Katsa practically has superpowers.

It pains me to say this...but Katsa would win. Because of Katsa's survival Grace and her strong personality that teeters and often falls into brutality, she could be crueler and more cold-hearted and whack everyone else in the arena.

But if the Capital had it out for Katsa, they could just incinerate her and then Katniss' problem would be solved...assuming, of course, that they don't have it out for Katniss as well...

Prob Katsa

Katsa would win bc she has a grace that makes her superior to most humans and katniss is just a mortal.

I'm going to go with Katsa. I feel like I'm betraying katniss but you have to agree that Katniss is so emotional that it is annoying at times to read the books.

I like the Hunger Games better than Graceling. However, Katsa would do better in the Hunger Games because of her survival grace. The whole challenge of the games is survival. Katniss is a better Mockingjay because no one else is exactly like her. And Katniss might be able to survive what Katsa did but I'm not totally sure.

Katsa is so obviously a much better badass.

Um, Katsa, definitely. Katniss isn't horrible, but she's a lot harsher than Katsa. Besides, the Hunger Games focuses on survival, and Katsa has the grace of survival.

Katsa for sure! She's graced with survival! Katniss wouldn't make it against her if Katsa would have been a competitor in the Hunger Games.

Katsa hands down. I like Graceling better than the Hunger Games books as well.

hhhhmmmm i think katsa would beat katniss,but not so easily........

I love them both

OMG! There is NO WAY Katniss, a girl with a good aim and lots of luck could beat Katsa! I mean, HELLO, THIS IS KATSA! She IS dam near impossible to kill and considered killing a goose without weapons, in the middle of a lake, to be something enjoyable.

I like katsa way better then katniss

I don't see a way Katsa wouldn't win. She literally has survival superpowers. I think Katniss is a more interesting character and is more of a survivor, but Katsa would win in a fight hands down.

Katsa, simply becasue Katniss' experiences drove her insane at the end. Katsa went through a lot as well and still remained whole at the end of it, also Katsa has a larger array of weapons, if Katniss doesn't have a bow she is pretty much stuffed!

These are two of my all time Favourite characters!!!

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Katsa is way better Katniss is a little bit needy and choosy. Plus Katniss can never make a straight decision by herself.


Katsa would beat Katniss to a pulp in a fight, but I think Katniss is more clever. She has also been through a lot more in my opinion and I prefer her as a character, where I did not like Katsa very much.

Katsa [no, i won't provide a reason]

I think that Katsa would probably beat Katniss up, but not without a fight. And lets not forget muttations and Katsa would be 1 against 23. Katniss was much more clever, so if she drove Katsa into a trap, she would have a good chance. And I guess someone else might get to Katsa first if they planned it right (Foxface or maybe a Career tribute if they planned well). And there is one more thing that we ought to consider: nightlock. Suppose Katsa accidentally ate some? It would kill her for sure, Graced or not. I think it would depend on the variables like other tributes, location, "natural" disasters, and so on.

Sorry, pretty much just repeated myself over and over there:D

How many references did it have to Katsa dodging an arrow again? And how many times did katniss fight withought getting hurt, none.

OH MY GOSH I WAS SERIOUSLY WONDERING THIS TOO! Although I was wondering more who would win the HGs if Katsa was in Panem. I think both are awesome, but I like Katniss's world better. I found Graceling a bit confusing.

i cant believe people are actually discussing this. Katniss is 4000000000X better than Katsa. There are a million reasons why so obviously i cant name them all so i wont try.

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