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message 1: by Jenia (new)

Jenia | 20 comments This is poem i wrote after my grandmother lost a battle to breast cancer.

Slipped Away.
By: Jenia

I remember your smile
I remember your laughter
I remember all the times we spent alone.

Now you're gone
Now, I'll never see you again.
I never get to say, goodbye
It's so painful for me
To even remember you
Without tears.

I try remember all good times we had
But I can't seem to imagine my life, without you.
I spend hours, thinking of you, crying.
You meant a world to me.
You weren't just my grandmother, you were my best friend.

Now, I'll never get to see your smile, your laugh
Never feel your arms around me again.
Now I just feel empty.
As if part of me is missing.

Sometimes I feel as if this is a horrible nightmare
That I can't wake up from.

Wishing, hoping
That you come back to me.

I miss you, I love you.

DEDICATION: To My grandmother Mila (RIP -11.1.2003)

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather (goodreadscomheather-jane) | 1 comments Beautiful poem Xx

message 3: by Jenia (new)

Jenia | 20 comments Thank you.People keep telling i should get some of my poems published

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

So sad! Really well written though.

message 5: by Jenia (new)

Jenia | 20 comments

message 6: by Jenia (new)

Jenia | 20 comments Kyle wrote: "Very heartfelt! You should be published."

Thank you. I try get something published.

message 7: by Grouphug (new)

Grouphug | 14 comments great stuff

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