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message 1: by Jenia (new)

Jenia | 20 comments This is the poem i wrote after i got my heart broken for first time, let me know what you think.

Shattered Pieces.
By: Jenia

I felt as someone stepped on my heart
I never felt so alone, in my life
You crushed me
Shattering my heart, into pieces
Ones I’ll never be able to pick up again.

I cherished you!
I thought you did too
I was wrong
To think you were special

I truly thought you were
The One, for me

You proved me wrong.

You were the first one
I ever loved

Why did you have to hurt me this way?
Did I mean anything to you?
Or were that all lies?

You told me I was special
That I was the first and only one, you love
That we’ll get married, someday

I believed your lies
But then...
You crushed my heart

Do you have any idea, how long it took me?
To get over, the pain
You left inside of me?

I wanted to hate you, for what you done to me
But no matter how hard I tried

I knew

That I’ll always, love you

message 2: by Hala (new)

Hala (halanagi) | 5 comments ur rlly talented. i loved it. it's awesome!

message 3: by Jenia (new)

Jenia | 20 comments Hala wrote: "ur rlly talented. i loved it. it's awesome!"

Thank You :)

message 4: by Hala (new)

Hala (halanagi) | 5 comments Welx =)

message 5: by Jenia (new)

Jenia | 20 comments I got more that i post soon.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Your a really good poet!

message 7: by Jenia (new)

Jenia | 20 comments Thank you everyone. Glad you all like it.

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