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Brian Brian Feb 17, 2012 07:43AM
Going forward, does Vicki remain happily and faithfully married to her husband?

Keep in mind the quote from Y___ that said, and I'm paraphrasing, "I should've kept being mean to you. You only like men who treat you like shit."

Now that Vicki's husband is more respectful, caring, etc., does she allow herself to be pulled into another case/life/man? Or is this just neatly tied in a "happily ever after" bow by Klosterman?

You're paraphrasing? No! There's too much fricken paraphrasing in this book, haha.

I think that one of Klosterman's underlining statements is that we don't truly understand a person without the context of their social interactions. I got the feeling that Y____ had been observing Vicki long before choosing her as his therapist -- maybe as one of those "I thought I could help" case studies. Y____ doesn't appear to get the entire person in a full perspective.

Another point is that Y____ is very subjective. Every time he was claiming to support some objective realization, it was only to hammer the points of his own subjective view. Look at the ways he thought he was fixing each person's life. They didn't fit his view of what a meaningful, happy life should be, so he tried to make changes with disastrous consequences.

I, then, tend to think that Vicki was happily and faithfully married to her husband. I think the new-ness and strangness of Y____ tested that marriage, put undo strain upon it. But I don't think it was any different from Y____'s meddling with Valerie or the Heavy Dudes. His "niceness" toward her didn't effect her change toward him as much as his meddlesome behavior did. So, I'm sure her marriage would be fine in the long term.

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