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message 1: by Gary (last edited Aug 02, 2013 07:25AM) (new)

Gary Inbinder | 69 comments I've guest-posted on the above referenced topic: The Victorian Technological Revolution. You can read the post at the English History Authors blogspot. Comments are welcome and encouraged!


The Flower to the Painter by Gary Inbinder

message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan Grodsky Gary the link does not work for me. When I tap on my iPhone I just see a blank screen.

message 3: by Gary (last edited Aug 02, 2013 09:48AM) (new)

Gary Inbinder | 69 comments Susan, that's odd. They must have changed the page. I'll ask. I'm going to edit my post to add the correct link. Please try this link. It works.


message 4: by LauraT (new)

LauraT (laurata) | 497 comments a This second one works for me. I'll give the blog a close look as soon as I can

message 5: by Gary (new)

Gary Inbinder | 69 comments Thanks, Laura. I submitted the guest post to English History Authors back in Feb, 2012 and wasn't aware of any problem with the link until this morning. I checked the blog and found my post and the current link by doing a search. I notified the blog owner of the problem.

message 6: by Debra (new)

Debra Brown (debrabrown) | 2 comments For which I thank you greatly. We had not made any changes to the links, and I don't know why that happened.

Gary (or someone) also uncovered that the blog posts are being plagarized for another blog- lots of them. At least they credit the authors.

message 7: by Gary (new)

Gary Inbinder | 69 comments The Second Industrial Revolution certainly is an interesting subject, and it has provided plenty of material for HF writers, especially those in the Steampunk and Neo-Victorian genres.

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