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Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments :: Arthur sighed, shouldering his pack and heading off through the darkened hallways of the school. The janitors had turned off most of the lights already, but left a few on as a security precaution. Arthur emerged from the door at the front, letting it fall shut and locked behind him. It was only late afternoon in the world outside the school, but as he gazed up at the sky lit with the setting sun, he couldn't help but sigh. Rather than going home, he decided he'd go to the park. Things had been tough, lately, but for some reason or another sitting in a quiet place - with nature, and relatively secluded - always helped. ::

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments A small satured boy carrying twice his weight in books and study guides came to his side of the bench so he could lean his head on the wall for a moment.

"Quantom physic formula number 25," he recited. Today was cramming day, just like every day, with the exception Sunday. Not that anybody cared today.

Bending over to settle his books on the floor and search one of his of bags.

Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments Also in the library today, Arthur was bent over his notes, working on copying them for the third time so the information would sink into his brain. He paid little mind to the mutterings going on around him - other kids, memorizing facts and just speaking aloud so they could 'get it'. He was perfectly happy studying alone, and it so happened that the other students usually gave him a rather wide berth, so the three other chairs at his small square table were empty.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments Yao slammed an insanely dusty volume on the polished wood table, it's blunt sound freeying dust like a ornamental windmill.

"It's somewhere in here, aru," he held himself back from ripping the page, like one would from swearing when it wasn't right to them.

"Aiyah, Arthur, aru, what page is it on~?"

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Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments Arthur jerked, eyes wide, a few writing utensils jumping into the air from the force of the heavy slam. He glared, then, coughing softly into his hand and trying to wave the dust away from his nose.

"W-What are you doing?!" He demanded in a low hiss, green eyes narrowed over the hand cupping his mouth at his unwanted companion. "Be quiet! This is a library!"

Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments Yao jerked his head away, releasing the gross hand from his lips with swiftness.

"You know where the answer to what formula 25 is in physics, aru, I need it for Hong, aru~"

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Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments Arthur's eyes narrowed further, and he straightened in his seat, scoffing off to the side while taking out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe off his hand. His voice was curt, but still lowered in respect of the people studying around them.

"I'm not going to help you cheat. Look it up yourself!"

Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments "Studying for someone elses exams is not being a cheat, aru," he sat in one of the seats next to Arthur, drilling him with looks to get him uncomfortable enough to let his go on.

The things Yao did for these children!

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Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments Arthur frowned at the presumption that he wanted company, sitting back in his chair and folding his arms over his chest, stubbornly. He met Yao's stare evenly, his lips slightly pursed and tone rather annoyed.

"Even worse, then. You're a doormat." That comment ended with a slight sneer, despite all his attempts to hold the expression back.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments Although most people here were on the sheer brink of some kind of insanity, Yao prided himself for being one of the few who didn't need severe mental help. Sadly, Arthur as Yoa knew him, was one too.

His jaw tightened, "insulting me, the insolence... Look, aru, I'm not asking for you to lie in the face of your parents or kill small, imagenary animals with ... woks or cheese graters," he rolled his tilted eyes at this, "all I ask is where in this book by," he opened to the first page, peeking at the name before shutting it, "Paul Dirac I can find out about Fermion's."

The physist was english, so Arthur had to know, right?

Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments Arthur's left eye twitched at the mention of 'small, imaginary animals' - it was an old rumor that had stayed with him ever since his first year here, but that didn't mean he had to like it whenever it was brought up. Either way, he didn't want to deal with this right now. There was enough going on, and all he wanted to do was study, dammit!

Making up his mind, Arthur stood, dragging his school bag off the chair and - after stuffing his notebook, pens and pencils into it - slung it over his shoulder, grabbing his books and snapping quietly at Yao.

"I told you, find it yourself. And leave me alone!" He then quickly strode towards the door, completely forgetting in his rush that he'd left his jacket slung over the back of his chair.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments Yao felt like a dotting mother who spent half their life in a prep school daycare (not that he'd ever go say it. In fact, he'd rather drown in some sick soy sauce bloodthiner, dying of scrapes with bamboo then accept himself on that note).

He made sure no one was watching, vaguely caring if he left his stuff (he had allot of supporting figures and a small brother who believed himself a ninja), luck and prosperity was in his favour today.

"I didn't mean he strained himself, aru," Yao said, slinging it over his limber shoulder, in no hurry now that he had ransom.

"It's only quantom physics."

((And that's where I leave off. It's far too late and my spelling is slurring. Bonne nuit.))

Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments [ All right, then. Mata ne~ ]

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments ((What language is that? I wonder.))

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Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments (あっ、すみませんけど、日本語を使った方がいいですか。)

Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments ((Мне очень жаль. Французская мой первый язык. Русский язык является третьим языком я хочу быть сильным дюйма.))

Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments (...Damn. Don't know Russian.)

Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments Arthur was in a foul mood, today. He'd realized he'd forgotten his coat somewhere yesterday - but too late to avoid shivering as he walked home after school. This morning he'd put on a couple layers, not willing to bring up to his father that he'd lost that coat. Bundled in his long-sleeved button-up shirt, the uniform sweatervest and the uniform long-sleeved sweater, he must make quite a 'stuffed' sight. But even as his teeth chattered as he determinedly headed to school, Arthur knew there was no helping it. It was his own fault for forgetting.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments At the door he was stopped by the most cliché, yet fourtunate all the same, sweater hanging on the end of the herbology tree experiments.

With it, someone had stuck a note... then crossed out all the chinese having realised in switfness that the idiocy of entitling an englishmen his coat in calligraphy script. Instead the english was sloppy, it seemed impossible that these both where the same person writing.

It made one wonder, did Yao even read english?

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Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments Arthur spent a moment to stare at the coat on his way into the school (taking his usual shortcut through the back way, by the gardening classes' trees), and his face twitched slightly at the messy scrawl decorating the note pinned to it. Instead of smiling at the kind thought (now he owed someone a debt, dammit!), he scowled to himself, ripping the jacket off the tree limb over which it was draped, and inwardly grimacing as he felt a bit of dew sticking to it. As for the note, Arthur shredded it over the nearest rubbish bin, pushing the incident firmly to the back of his mind - and hoping it would never be brought up, again.

(...He could hope, couldn't he?)

[ OOC: Sorry, I ended up dying for a few days. x.x~ ]

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Mr.SweetPotato (ThatOneAsian) | 14 comments (may i join?XDDD)

Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments ((For sure.))

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Mr.SweetPotato (ThatOneAsian) | 14 comments (may i has a little recap?c:)

Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments ((China is studying for Kong Kong's exam but can't understand the library books. He bugs England, Arthur leaves, a sweater left behind. The sweater is found on a tree branch the next morning.))

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Mr.SweetPotato (ThatOneAsian) | 14 comments (alrighty:DDD)

Yong Soo had already made his way around the school in search of Yao. He didn't have much to do nor could he find anyone else. "Yao-hyung?" he called out. "그는 어디?" he mumbled in Korean, a little annoyed that he was alone at the moment.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 65 comments Yao, carrying a back-braking tonne of encyclopedic volumes hauled his way down the corridor, sweat on his brow.

"Here!" He called out, unable to raise his hand and his pain filled voice hoped Korea would take a hint. Or three dozen books.

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Magic_And_Fairies_Are_Real | 52 comments England turned, frowning upon hearing the echoing voices. But something in him tugged with sympathy for the pain in Yao's tone and he glanced at his reclaimed jacket for a moment, before sighing. He dropped his bag in front of his locker, shook a few dewdrops off the coat, and pulled off his long-sleeved sweater, leaving the sweater vest and long-sleeved button-up on beneath it. He folded the long-sleeved sweater up and pushed it, his bag and his jacket into the locker, before shutting it and - against his better judgment - going to see what all the shouting was about.

I hate owing debts. Best get this one cleaned up quick.

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Mr.SweetPotato (ThatOneAsian) | 14 comments Yong Soo heatd his voicw then ran over. "Yao-hyung!" he said with a smile on his face. "A-are you okay?" he said, noticing he looked like he wasn't to we at the moment.

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Mr.SweetPotato (ThatOneAsian) | 14 comments voice* well*
(fucking cell phone .-.)

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