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Please watch this video if you have a chance! Fantastic information included about Power Patrons and what they do for the e-publishing industry. We've been losing a lot of e-publishers lately because they don't want to play nice with libraries. The data presented proves the Power Patron helps drive the sale of e-books...

Barbara Genco: Public Library Power Patrons

Some of the highlights -
1. Power patrons are mostly women, vote more, browse the shelves and catalog to discover new titles
2. For every 2 books they borrow, they will purchase 1 book
3. They are comfortable with media, and ebooks make up 17% of the formats they use to access books
4. When you look at ebook borrowers alone, these patrons purchase at an even higher rate than those who borrow in print alone
5. Barbara Genco says it's a win-win situation for publishers to cooperate with libraries to get content to the patron because it WILL make them money.

Maybe when Harper Collins and Penguin get hit in the pocketbook, they'll change their attitudes.

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Beth (batwater115) | 25 comments Thanks for sharing this Anna!

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