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message 1: by dazpup (new)

dazpup | 23 comments I am writing a Pokemon Fanfiction that starts in Pallet Town and will soon go to every city in every region. Let me know if you want to be in my fanfiction!


If there is anything to add you can!

message 2: by GonnaWingIt (last edited Feb 17, 2012 05:59AM) (new)

GonnaWingIt | 71 comments Mod
Name: Lua Tano
Gender: Female
Hometown: Nuvema Town
Pokemon: Torterra, Empoleon, Infernape, Serperior, Emboar, Samurott, Meganium, Typhlosion, Fergaliter, those are the ones she keeps with her. There are way to amny to count! She aslo has a Braviary to help her fly to places. She keeps shrunken pokeballs, so she can carry about 10 pokemon at a time, as long as she has her hand bag.
Age: 15
Appearance: Long, messy, tangles of black hair. Sparkling blue eyes. White complextion.
Personality: Friendly, serious, caring, sweet, loves water. Likes to have Pokemon battles. Favorite food is poffins. Favorite color is aqua or blue.
Other: A rainbow color collecter. Collects all starter pokemon.

message 3: by dazpup (new)

dazpup | 23 comments okay. will add you probably sunday when i can write. tomorrow im going to a party. ill put you as a trainer passing by to swin in the waters of pallet town, tand youd just start following me and lehua

message 4: by GonnaWingIt (new)

GonnaWingIt | 71 comments Mod
^_^ okay!

message 5: by dazpup (new)

dazpup | 23 comments Uh, you can only carry 6 at a time, no matter how tiny. Your also in the beginning of the story so can you have like 3 pokemon that are in their first/second form?

message 6: by dazpup (new)

dazpup | 23 comments and were in pallet town so have region friendly pokemon?

message 7: by GonnaWingIt (new)

GonnaWingIt | 71 comments Mod
It doesn't have to be. She's from Nuevma town. Not the Sinnoh Region.

message 8: by GonnaWingIt (new)

GonnaWingIt | 71 comments Mod
She's not a begginer/starting trainer.

message 9: by dazpup (new)

dazpup | 23 comments well im in pallet town so its going to take a long time until you come in

message 10: by GonnaWingIt (new)

GonnaWingIt | 71 comments Mod
Kay I don't mind.

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