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VerveLitAwards | 2 comments Mod
To find out what's caught our eye, you can check out the books that already fit our criteria here:

On this thread, you can suggest and talk about books that haven't been added yet.

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E. Writes (elizabethkaiser) | 1 comments Hey! I was just invited to this group, and I must say "This sounds really neat!" Great job for starting this... may it grow and blossom greatly!
I also have a small question. There's some feeling that this isn't open to "fantasy" tales... even biblically minded fantasy. Is this true?
I have recently released a YA novel, Jeweler's Apprentice, which is set in a non-existent collection of kingdoms; has a few friendly dwarf-folk; and contains the beginning of a tale about a very special yellow gem and it's forgotten importance to the kingdom it belongs to.
Is this book not an acceptable nomination? It contains Absolutely No "sword&sorcery", "practiced-magic" themes in any shape or form.
A first chapter is viewable on its Amazon page. [u=] Here. [/u]
Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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Jessie (a_quill_pen) | 5 comments Mod
There are many other establishments that frequently give awards/accolades to fantasy books.

-Various Writer's Digest competitions
-Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award
-Newberry (and especially the shortlist)
-Et cetera

We're trying to give everyone else a chance, because it seems that realism has taken a back seat lately. The Committee has no problem with Alternate History or SciFi. We are not prejudiced against little people, so I don't really know why that would be a disqualification; and faux kingdoms aren't exactly owned by the fantasy genre.
The word 'fantasy' on our About page was not used loosely, nor passively. If a book rests on the threshold of realism and fantasy, but one is not sure if it is acceptable, you may contact the Committee with your questions.

-Jessica Verve, Founder

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VerveLitAwards | 2 comments Mod
Just as a clarification... the committee has discussed this to a certain extent and a decision was made to stress the focus on Realism instead of 5 million reasons why we're not awarding fantasy. The whole point was to give books in the Realism genre a thumbs up, not to glare at people. Sorry for the confusion, and we hope everyone has a blessed weekend.

A reminder to those that are reading this: these rules are not a personal attack on anyone. VLA is a Genre specific book review blog.

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