Divergent (Divergent, #1) Divergent question

What group would you be in?

I don't think all Erudite are evil at all. Don't you think the greatest inventors in our past were Erudite, and they weren't necessarily evil. Anyways, Erudite describes me to a T. I love studying, especially subjects that I find fascinating. Plus, the Erudite need librarians, right? And that's what I'm going to school to become.

I really don't know. I would probably choose Dauntless but end up thinking I belonged in another faction sort of like how Tirs did at first. Who knows maybe I would be Divergent! :D

I want to say dauntless...but Four's taken so I'd have to say Candor

i would be erudite even though they are evil in the book.

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Honest, selfless, brave, peaceful, and intelligent... I'd like to think of myself as possessing all these great qualities. It would be difficult to disregard four of these and live with only one for the rest of my life.

On Choosing Day, I choose to be: FACTIONLESS

I would rather die a free man and be the kind of person I'd want to be versus living an imprisoned life confined to expressing only one characteristic of my being, dictated by government.

Personally I'd choose Amity

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Divergent. I'm a mixture of all those groups. If not Divergent, then Amity. I love keeping things peaceful.

I'd love to be in Dauntless, I'm pretty fearless and love do things involving heights, plus I was in karate for years

However, in the initial simulation I think I would have selected the cheese over the knife and would have been told Amity which also fits me well as I generally avoid confrontation

not Candor because they're way to brutally honest and as I said, I liked to avoid conflict, I don't lie, but I also don't believe in sharing everything
not Erudite because while I love reading fiction, I'm way too lazy when it comes to studying things, and those guys do it for fun.
not Abnegation cause I like having the option to be selfish sometimes

I would take the unpopular pick and go with abnegation. Not because I am the most selfless person in the world; I'm far from that. But I would like to be.


Amity, no question about it... I was accually thinking while reading the book that I would be Amity... I would fit right in!

its really hard to catagorize yourself into 1 group, but if i had to i would probibly be euridite. as much as id like to think i would have the guts to jump of a building or moving train , when push came to shove i would wimp out. who knows mabye i could destroy the eurite from the inside....nope still a wimp.


I would want to be dauntless but I hate pain and I don't think I could hurt someone else on purpose. I wish I was selfless enough to be abnegation but I know that wouldn't last. So I'm going to go with Amity.

Umm.. I would Eurdite except the fact that they are bad, so i think amity.

The dauntless would deffinetly be the most fun group to be in. But i'm scared of heights and a thousand other things, so I'd never pass the final test :)

Amity-Whoo whoo! It's the only faction with any real art and I need music!

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I would be divergent.
I would choose between
Erudite-Smarts, love to read=but do I really want to study forever?
Dauntless- they seemed to have the most fun, and I while I wouldn't want to beat up all the time- I like to know how to defend myself
Amity ->vegetarian here who likes trees
some abnegation- I'm somewhat pragmatic.
But at the time of the book, I would choose Amity- because no one got hurt there, they can't be accused of evilness, and they aren't being used as mindless fighting robots. I pick my battles.

I would love to be in dauntless imagine how exciting it would be. But knowing me I'd get amity

But of course if you did live in that society you would probably love to be divergent so you would be able to have a mind of your own!!! so if I could choose to be divergent I would!


Dauntless just becauase their into dare devil stuff.

I would love to be Dauntless but I have to say I would be Erudite :)

Amity, the peaceful, is the perfect one for me but I would probobly end up in Dauntless. A contridiction I know.
But, not so sound stuck up or anything, but I kinda feel like Tobias when he tells Tris about the tatoos of the other factions on his back. I would want to be in all the factions I want to be honest and selfless and brave and peaceful and intellegent.

Erudite. The others don't sound exciting except for Dauntless which I wouldn't make it through...

I would love to be Dauntless but I have to say I would be Erudite :)

giving it a lot of thought i'd either be Dauntless or Erudite

I think no one can really be in a single faction. I mean, today we're practically all divergent ! However, I've been told I'd best fit into Amity and knowing me, I probably would.
I practically glimpse at my own reflection in every surface that admits it, so Abnegation isn't an option.
Dauntless... nope. Way too scared of everything and way too coward to overcome my fears ( 'cause that's what you're supposed to do, right ? Not not have any fears at all-if u do, you're not a human-but overcome them. )
Um... Erudite... study a lot... no, that's not gonna work, I'm way too lazy.
Candor- I just lie too much. Not important things, but if I have to choose between telling u you're annoying and smiling and nodding, I'll smile at you. Plus, lies are very important when skipping a class or two :D
So, what with all my against-conflict personality and, according to my mom and friends, way too nice to others for my health, as much as I'd like to be Dauntless, I'd end up Amity after all.

Stacy Urbany Nice, I like this...Well said!
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Dauntless for sure-I would love the strength and stimulation training!

erudite/dauntless. i think i fit better in erudite, but i have the guts to be in dauntless... just not the physical power.

id b erudite but they r evil so im goin w/ amity

I would be Erudite or Amity per the simulation test I'm sure, but I think dauntless would be the funnest; however, Id never make it past someone hitting me lol.

I think I'd be in Candor. I would probably enjoy the Dauntless initiation, but I'd stop enjoying that way of life when it becomes too repetitive. Thrilling experiences are thrilling for a reason. If you do stuff like that every day, it stops being special.

It's hard to choose any one group. I think I am a bit of everything with the except of dauntless- I am such a wimp! But if I had to choose it would either be Amity or Erudite. Peaceful and intelligent- great qualities!!

Definitely - Erudite.
I´m not very honest, or brave, or selfless.

If I had to choose, I'd defintely go with Eurdite. Pre-evilness of course. I love knowledge, hence my long list of to-read books. I would enjoy being Dauntless, but I don't think I would make it through initiation.

What Group? Divergent is everything right? Or just normal? Because
Gray is not my color so abnegation is out
I would most likely get my butt kicked in Dauntless, plus I would need Xanax for all my fears.
I don't really lie, I just tell stories...he he so Candor is not my
Amity is out too, because I do get pissy.
And Erudite is just too much work......so would that make me Divigent or just whimpy?

I think dauntless would be cool, but I'd probably end up in amity or erudite even though I hate erudite.

Definitely Dauntless!

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my Divergent dream cast!


Not candor because *cough cough* I'm not the most honest person in the world, even if I try to be.
Not erudite because I'm although I'm not stupid, I'm not exceptionally smart.
Not abnegation because I'm far from selfless
Amnity... peacefulness is in my opinion boring, and boredom is not for me...

so as I am kinda brave, I guess it's Dauntless for me! Or Divergent maybe...

dauntless and if not that, erudite.

If i had to choose i would be in Dauntless!

I would love to say I am totally dauntless...that's how I feel at least but if I did live in that kind of society I would probably be an erudite :) not that I am a bad person but because I love reading sooo much !!

erudite. i'd also find it hilarious to see any of you asocial bookworms choose dauntless and become factionless.

Angie i have a feeling id end up divergent .. i cant stick with one thing for too long!
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