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message 1: by R.M. (new)

R.M. Fraser (rmfraser) | 53 comments I have some covers made for my next book and am wondering how to get them posted on here for all of you to give feedback on? any suggestions for the goodreads illiterate?

message 2: by R.M. (new)

R.M. Fraser (rmfraser) | 53 comments well, I couldn't figure out a way to post pictures in a discussion thread, so this is my next best option. If anyone would, please go to my facebook fan page at

I believe that will take to my wall. From there go to my photo album called "Book Cover Demos". Just comment on the one you like the most or give feedback on all of them. Im trying to determine which cover is the best, or if any of them are any good. Thanks in advance to those of you who do help, it is appreciated.

message 3: by Belinda (new)

Belinda Buchanan | 43 comments They're all really good, but I think I like the second cover the best R.M.

message 4: by Josh (new)

Josh Karaczewski (joshkaraczewski) | 31 comments I liked the third cover best.

message 5: by R.M. (new)

R.M. Fraser (rmfraser) | 53 comments Thanks for your feedback both of you! It was a toss up between 2 and 3 the entire time. I chose #2, and my change to #3 eventually.

message 6: by R.M. (new)

R.M. Fraser (rmfraser) | 53 comments may change, even, sheesh my typing is on tonight, lol

message 7: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Highland (brittanyhighland) | 47 comments Aw, sorry I didn't see this sooner, R.M.! Off-topic, but I'm still trying to figure out my Goodreads email notifications...seems that I either get too much or too little!

message 8: by R.M. (new)

R.M. Fraser (rmfraser) | 53 comments no problem britt

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