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jueun (jueunkang) Cars~

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jueun (jueunkang) James, parking his bike in the bike lot, entered the school now.

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Lumpia Lover | 359 comments ((Waiting for Darcy))

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Darcy still pulling Rin and nate walked up to her car
"Are you guys coming or not!" Darcy yelled.

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Lumpia Lover | 359 comments "Y-yes, Darcy!" said Rin.

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo got out of the school building and opened the car door to his Hummer he got for his 16th birthday. "Strange," he said. "The three left before me, but I don't see them anywhere." Theo shrugged and entered his car, eventually closing the door. He inserted the key and blasted his radio to his Skrillex CD and left the parking lot.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Were coming..." Nate mumbled, softly.

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"Great, now I'm a great driver so no need to worry" Darcy said confidently jumping into her car, and buckling her seat belt, she adjusted her mirrors, turned on her favorite C.D. and opened her sunroof, sjhe was ready. "Well, c'mon get in!" Darcy said waving for them to get in.

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dazpup | 209 comments Theo then saw the three standing in the parking lot near Darcy's blue Jeep. He rolled down the window and turned down his stereo and yelled, "Bye Rin! Bye Darcy & Nate!" He then turned up his stereo and went home.

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Lumpia Lover | 359 comments Rin got into the car.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nate opened the door for Rin, mainly out of manners, lady's first kinda way.

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Lumpia Lover | 359 comments "Thanks, Nate," said Rin. "Now you too, or Darcy just might drive off without you!" She laughed.

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"bye Theo!!!" Darcy called. "You guys buckled in?" Darcy looked at their seats "Check" she said, she put on her Raybands, and fully turned on the car, she drove off to her house. ((go to Nova's penthouse))

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Lumpia Lover | 359 comments ((Okay!))

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