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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) heck yeah. O.o

Matthew was throwing stuff around his room in anger, cutting himself on broken shards of glass. Everytime Alex tried to come in, he'd just rhow something at her.

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I almost put huzzah.

Harry drove as fast as he could, bounding up the steps to their house and ringing the door bell over and over. He could hear the commotion outside.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) 8D I so would've done that.

Matthew was just literally throwing the contents of his room around and crying. Alex left after the thirtieth attempt at entering the room. She ran to the door and whisked it open, crying. She threw her arms around Harrison,"th-thankyou."

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Harrison didn't say anything, only feebly hugged her back, stepping inside. He winced at the noise. Obviously, she wasn't kidding. What if seeing him only set Matthew off even more? He didn't know what he was supposed to do.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Matthew cursed loudly as he cut into his finger with a shard of glass. Alex tugged at his shirt,"H-he'll come down.... i kn-know it's awkward... j-just please make him stop."

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Harry nodded. "SHould I go.....Attempt to talk to him? Like, now?"

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((I hear police cars *looks out window* that doesn't sound too promising))

Alex nodded,"Please...."

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((oH, I apologize! Whats up, then?))

He nodded and bounded up the steps or down the hall, following the noise. He didn't even bother knocking, he just walked in the room.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((I have no clue I just saw the lights pass by my house and I was like: wtf?))

Matthew's back was to him and he was now sitting in the middle of the floor. His once clean room was now trashed, badly. Even his favorite soccer cleats were destroyed. He held a knife in his hand, crying uncontrolably.

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Harrison approached carefully, taking meaningful, measured steps. "Matthew...?" He said smally, not wanting to startle him.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((I hope whoever they are... they are okay ...P))

Matthew jumped to his feet and whirled around. His usually warm brown eyes were filled with plain crazy. Even his smile was gone, the one he always had on his face no matter what he was doing.

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((Agreed. Hmmm))

Harry jumped back, startled. "It's me. Harry. Remember? I just came to talk... Do you have any time?" he wanted to appear as if they were just having a simple conversation, not like he was talking to a mentally insane guy.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((Ah.... well....yes. at any rate..... ))

Matthew looked at him, as if he was trying to remember something. He had dropped the knife when he jumped up and was shaking badly.

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Harry tried to smile as he stepped closer. "How are you? How are you feeling? I've missed you. A lot."

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((Clari?))

Matthew took a step backwards and tripped. He fell and bit his lip. HE almost looked like a scared puppy.

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Harry rushed forward and offered up his hand. "Whoa. You okay?" It was super hard to keep pretending like nothing was wrong, but he had to.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((If... someone were to ever tell you.....))

He nodded slowly and took his help reluctantly.

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Harry pulled him to him, into a hug. "Matthew? I'm worried..."

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((that they had cancer... what would you do?))

Matthew kind of just stood there for a moment before comprehending that he was giving a hug. He wrapped his arms around him weakly. "Wh-why?"

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((I would...Tell them how sorry I am, ask them if I could do anything and then....go home and cry about it by myself....To be honest...))

"Because of you. You don't seem alright. We should have, don't you think?"

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((What if I told you that I could get cancer?))

Matthew paled slightly. "I-I don't know..." he said in almost an inaudible voice.

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Camaryn *♥Toivoa♥* ♥Das Leben ist kein Märchen♥ | 363 comments Mod
(i'm still stalking this in the background >.> . <.<)

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Camaryn *♥Toivoa♥* ♥Das Leben ist kein Märchen♥ | 363 comments Mod
(D': i know someone who could get cancer. its sad. :'()

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((...kaylee....Oh my god....))

"Want to....Sit down....?" He motioned to the floor with his hand.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((What if... I said.... that it's a cancer that can't be treated?))

Matthew kicked some wtuff away, including broken shards of glass that were all stained in blood.

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((WHAT?!?! Im so sorry!!!))

Harry pulled him to the floor and sat criss crossed with his legs.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((p--please don't say that you're sorry... i just thought that you should know... ))

Matthew sat in silence, placing his head in his hands.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((I-I'm sorry for leaving your night like that.... I must say goodnight to you..... g'night, love.... have a good day tomorrow, okay? *gives you a kiss on the cheek*))

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Harry said nothing and just watched him quietly. He needs time...

((I...Kaylee, I am sorry. Im extremely sorry. I dont know what to say. Im shocked. I cant fathom...I shall. You too. Do take care. Ill talk to ya tomorrow))

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((....It's fine.... Love you))

Matthew stared at the floor inently, trying to calm himself a little more.

((O.o 'manda just asked what fathom meant...))

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"Matt...I want you to know that i'm here for you. I'm your friend, okay? I love and cherish you...And i'll always remember how sweet you were to me and all the...things we did together..." He didnt want to mention Jamie. "What's going on? Why are you so frustrated? Is it me? Or is it your parents?"

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Matthew sighed,"Both Harry.... it's both."

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((DUDE. I won't be on until really late because I have to go babysit. Whaha))

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((Awww, bye!))

Harry looked down to his hands sadly. "I'm...sorry..."

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((OOOOO! That picture looks interesting! *clicks*))

Matthew was trying hard to keep his anger from boiling up again. "I don't know what to do...." he cried.

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Harrison watched him sadly, and moved in his direction with his arms open. He wrapped them around Matthew gently, draping his arms over his shoulders.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((CLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

Matt cried,"I can' it anymore."

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((Omg, HI! HOW ARE YOU!?!??!))

Harry cooed softly, mewling gently in his ear. "Don't tell yourself that. You're perfect. Don't bring yourself."

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((I. AM. SPARTA. Not really. I JUST SO HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

Matthew looked at Harrison,"Why should I?"

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((Oh, wow. I see, yes you are!))

"Like I said, you're perfect. No one should ever do that to themselves..."

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((*TACKLE HUGS*))

Matthew bit his lip,"No one's perfect.... right?"

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((*Hugs back* I have missed you.))

"Eh, if you strive for perfection, you'll reach it. I promise." He smiled softly and let go of him, releasing him from the hug.

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((I've missed you too, my dear! *jumps up and down*))

"I don't know what to do about mom and dad," he muttered softly. He looked up intently like a two year old.

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((Lol, you SURE are excited.))

"Screw them if they don't get you. you have Alex, don't you? She loves you."

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((YEAH! 'CUZ THERE'S A HETALIA CONVENTION COMING TO INDPLS. THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

"But it's my job to send back money to them," Matthew said almost in an inaudible voice.

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((Omg, sounds amazical! Yay for you!))

"Then, only send money. You don't have to say anything personal, do you?"

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((AND YALL DONT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING! I WAS LIKE: YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!OMG! Okay... I done. What happened to you, glummy?! YOU SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY LOVE! HAPPY!))

"But I don't have it!"he cried. "They expect me to join the freaking proffessional league, but I don't have the guts! They want me to get married! But why? They know I don't like freaking girls!"

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((I apologize. School was just hard. Stuff happened that kind of sucked.))

Harrison pulled Matt close to him by his collar and brought his face close to his. "I can't answer all your damn problems, okay> I'm just trying to help. What I am gonig to let you know is that I think you are amazing and you could totally do whatever you want. People love and respect you and only want what's best for you .And, at the end of the day, who really gives a crap if your gay, bi, straight....whatever. Its all about you, okay? Don't do anything for anyone ever. Only think about what's going to make you, Matthew happy. Okay?!?!?"

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ((Please explain, love. I'm here for you ya know. That's why I'm here hun. I'm here to listen.))

Matt looked pained,"What would you do if your parents hit you everytime you walked into your own home?"

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