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Majoras mask or Ocarina of time

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Trey (charles) Ocarina < Majora

Oderah I like Ocarina of time, because it's longer and has a lot of action in it. But really ALL zelda books are good.

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Trey (charles) Majoras mask to me is an improvement to Ocarina of time. Well it does every thing a sequeal should do.

Oderah Well I guess your right, it does make sense if you think about it. It kind of wraps up lose ends from Ocarina of Time.

Andrew Gorman I haven't read the Ocarina of Time volumes yet, but for me, Majora's Mask felt as if I were reading the piece on fast-forward. I wish that it introduced fewer plot points and took some time to develop them, rather than try to squish most of it into one entity. My favorite parts, though, were the initial transformation into the Deku Scrub and the story in the afterwords which pertained to the creation of the mask. I found both points pretty innovative in the way they were translated from the game to visual text.

Eric Majora's Mask

Isabelle Ocarina of Time > Majora's Mask

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