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Reading Journal #14

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Emily Miles I have recently finished reading the book, Heaven is For Real. The book was written by Todd Burpo. Heaven is For Real is based on a true story. It is about a three year old boy whose appendix burst, this calls for emergency surgery. When Colton, the young boy is in surgery he leaves his body and visits heaven. As the years goes by after the surgery he starts to tell his parents about what he saw in heaven, like his dead sister, and grandfather, two people that he has never met, or even knew about.
The main character is Colton, the young boy who visits heaven. Colton is a very strong person; he was very strong to undergo surgery after having a burst appendix, at the age of just three. Colton is also very friendly and imaginative. Colton’s dad Todd, who is also the author, states that he especially enjoys playing with swords. An example of him using his imagination and playing with his sword is at 98%, “Colton at age seven and Colby at eighteen months, playing swords.”
I would recommend Heaven is For Real to a person who has just suffered a loss. The book talks a lot about who Colton saw in heaven, so it could be comforting to them and example of where he states the people he saw is at 72%, “After Colton started talking about having met Pop in heaven.” I would also recommend this to a religious person. The book talks a lot about Christian beliefs, and it is almost vital that you are a Christian, so you understand the meaning of many things mentioned in the book. Some of the biblical characters mentioned were, John the Baptist, Gabriel the Angel, Jesus, God and many more.
I enjoyed reading Heaven is For Real. It was very inspirational. It makes you think as you are reading, that is the kind of book that I like. I hope to read more books similar to it.

Casey I'm reading "The boy who came back from Heaven" By Kevin & Alex Malarkey and it's pretty similar but I like the story a lot more. It really touches on the power of prayer and faith. I too read Heaven is For Real and it was a good quick read. This book is like reading a story, listening to a sermon, and giving a validation to your faith all in one. It's an incredible story- you should give it a shot. :)

Paige Nichols I agree with Casey about "Heaven is for Real" But not only does is it a story, sermon and validation to your faith, it is also comforting to those who have lost a loved one.

Donna I enjoyed reading Heaven is for Real. I do believe that Colton did see all he saw in heaven. It makes a person feel good to think that our loved ones are really being taken care of by the Good Lord.

Sharon I enjoyed reading Heaven is for Real. It gives me a good feeling that my loved ones are being taken care of by God. I look forward to being reunited with family and Jesus. This gives me faith to go on.

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