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Dianne Santiago Dianne Feb 16, 2012 05:39PM
who else thinks this book is overrated?

I don't think it was overrated at all. This book had a huge impact on me. I loved everything about it. I also don't understand why people are knocking it for being "just a cancer book." Authors undertake similar subject matter all the time. There's nothing inherently wrong with that. It's all in the writing, the characters and the approach the author takes. Like it or not, Cancer is an enormous part of the human existence. Of course there are many books about it.

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Avi From a literary stand-point, this book is not that great. Green often uses a common template for his books. Personaly, I loved the book, it moved me a ...more
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I thought it was overrated. I don't understand what all the hype is about.

This was my first John Green book. I really enjoyed it. I thought he did a great job of balancing all of the emotions. I loved the humor that he incorporated into a sad topic. I am sad that other people didn’t love it as much as I did.

EBeth I feel the same way
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I think it is definitely overrated. I read a ton of reviews and watched an endless amount of youtube videos praising the book, before I actually read it myself. My expectations were high and the book did not live up to them. It was very fast read, but it was nothing special. As Amee says, just another cancer book. I am slightly disappointed. Nevertheless, DFTBA! :)

I thought it was over rated. It was the typical cancer book, but with an added layer of pretentiousness.

Have never read any of his other books so I had no expectations. That being said I thought it was a very enjoyable tearjerker.

I loved it, and I had VERY high expectations. So, I don't think so, but some would.

I thought it was indeed overrated. To me, the characters were incredibly annoying, and the story was so-so. It gave me the impression that it's "not just another cancer book" even though that's exactly what it was. To each their own, I guess.

I had a really high expectation of this book, mainly because I've read his other ones and I love his work. I was not disappointed at all, but surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I don't think it was 'overrated' in any way. It's only probably because of the fact that a lot of people are talking about how amazing it is and it gets quite annoying when you hear too many people do that, no matter how right those people are. I was so emotional reading this and the characters are just so well developed.

I'd be interested why you found this 'overrated'. Did you not enjoy it? What did you think was wrong with it?

I really love John Green, more as an entertainer on YouTube, though, than as a writer. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed his books, particularly this one and Looking for Alaska, but they weren't the greatest books ever. Actually, I'm not sure that I liked Paper Towns much... I mean I liked parts of it, but the over-exaggerated characters really got on my nerves. And, to be fair, these are the only three that I have read.

I agree that his male protagonists are very similar and a bit annoying, but I don't think that their intelligence makes them so. There are a lot of very intelligent teenagers, and I think that he's made a point of trying to show this, both in his books and through the Nerdfighter community.

Though YouTube has incredibly increased his popularity, it must be said that a lot of his and Hank's early success in Vlogbrothers came from his books. He wasn't a sensation, but he was a somewhat successful author before 2007.

First of all, I want to say that I respect John Green and think that, based on what he portrays online, he is a good person and has an outstanding personality mixed with great intelligence and capacity for knowledge. I know he and his brother have worked hard to acquire all those YT subscribers and for starting Nerdfighters, which really is so positive, so good for them.

Now with that established, we have to figure out what the word "overrated" means. According to Urban Dictionary, "anything that is given too much credit and hype" and yes, I agree that TFiOS is given too much credit and hype. Overrated does not indicate whether the book is good or not, but the amount of hype surrounding the book.
But although the book was not fantastic, outstanding, especially amazing to me (nor was it especially horrible), I can understand the hype. First of all, the Green brothers' YT channel and their concerts and online presence have accumulated so many followers that it's easy to advertise a new book because they can reach out to so many people and get their attention. That's why it's so important for authors these days to have a strong online presence and really interact with their audience because that equals more sales. (Although it's too bad you know, b/c normally writers are very introverted by nature and I'm sure J.D. Salinger would not exactly make a Twitter account).

Because of so much attention, more people know about the book, which means more people read the book, which means more people tell other people to read the book. Now coupled with people who absolutely worship John Green and believe everything he says is the greatest piece of literature ever and now you've got 4.52 rating on Goodreads with over 260,000 ratings. Pretty impressive. That's why the book is overrated to me.

And I'm pretty sure John Green is aware of this because I believe he discussed this on his Tumblr. You know, if he wasn't so popular online and people barely knew him, what would happen to TFiOS? My prediction is that it wouldn't have so many ratings, that it would slowly disappear from the shelves of bookstores. But since he's so popular, bookstores know that he sells so they keep his books out. So, really, John Green can write whatever tf he wants, even if it's repetitive, but we can't hate him because his books are so popular even if they aren't spectacular because he's played his cards right and you know, good for him.

Fun fact: for those who are comparing him with Stephenie Meyer, they have the same literary agent. It's just so funny to me how much hate Meyer gets and how much love Green gets when they have the same lit agent. Just something I wanted to share.

I do, I do. You know someone is going to die - how are people crying like babies?? Either way, I thought it started out incredibly strong and then got a bit precocious. It should have ended sooner....

I agree with what a lot of people are saying. I read this book last month and REALLY tried to like it but it just seemed forced, cheesy, and had an overall pseudo philosophical feel to it. Looking for Alaska was a little bit better but I probably won't be reading more John Green for a while.

Yes. I was very excited when I heard about the book, even more so after I heard him read the first chapter. I finished the book in three days because I wanted to take it slow and not miss anything. Afterwards I felt very little. My main reaction was "oh.....that's it?" There were parts I laughed at, and overall it was an ok book. The fact that John wrote it probably made me like it a little more. But I was expecting so much more.

Oh my Gosh! My thoughts exactly. Still gave it five stars because it had no major flaws, but it wasn't the earth-shattering epiphany of brilliance I was expecting.

I didn't think the book was overrated, however, it was pretty disappointing overall. I didn't enjoy it as much as Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns. While I realized that the characters in both of those books are witty and intelligent, and sometimes pretentious, the characters in TFiOS are even more so, to the point of being overbearing. I mean come on, Augustus looking at the metaphorical resonances with the trees and their shadows? And the quoting of pretentious poetry? Seriously...?

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I'm not sure that it's overrated. I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected, but... *shrugs*

Coming from a household where my sister actually did pass away when she was a child from cancer, this book really resonated with me. How he balanced the happy and the sad, even at the same time, felt true to the emotions you go through in that situation. I also like that Hazel's parents were going to stay married and made plans to do something after she was gone. (Less than half of parents stay married after the loss of a child.) I also liked that you could see what happens if you can't get over the loss by the writers actions. I guess that might be a little hard for people who don't have these experiences to understand the constant swing of emotions. It might not feel as authentic as it does to me. So I could understand how some people might think it was overrated.

The first and only book to ever make me physically cry. So, no, I didn't think it was overrated.

I really enjoyed this book, I thought the writing was fairly good and the plot was simple yet I fell in love with the characters

I think the fault in our stars itself is. i do think that it is a great book- well written, sweet plot- but i feel it is the only book any teenage girl bothers to read and enjoy, like they aren't even aware john green wrote any other books. i think right now it is overrated, or maybe I'm just annoyed at the obvious fangirls in which that is the only book they will ever read..oh next to divergent of course.

Before anyone gangs up on me, I'm a huge nerdfighter. I'm a big fan of John and Hank. But this book was horrendous! I have only read a few books that I hated more than this. There are so many things I dislike about this book and part of it is that, yes, it is vastly overrated.

I think maybe it might be a bit overrated. Personally I like Paper Towns better. It was still a good read though!

So I feel like I was the only one who didn't cry at the end of this book...however it really did have a huge impact on me. I can't even begin to imagine the mental toughness it takes to fight cancer but it seems like those who have the disease are the strongest people out there. This was the case for this touching book. It proved that death is a lot more scary when there is someone to lose.

the book was good but not as good as Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. I think it was the signed copies that caused the hype. It's just that the characters in TFioS are so predictable unlike Alaska and Margo. =) just sayin'

I loved the book! I didn't hear about any of the hype I just read it out of nowehere, so I can't really connect with the people that said it was overrated. I don't think the humor is offensive, or disrespectful, or ill-fitted; instead, I think the humore makes the tradegy of it bearable for readers.

I am a fan of John Green. I really like his characters and I think he shows a lot of insight into how people behave, what they say and he evidently has a great sense of humor as this shows through in many of his characters. This book was one of my least favorites. I didn't have the sad feelings I think I should have had at the end. I thought it was predictable that Gus would be the one to go. I liked the disappointing Dutch author aspect of the story more than the relationship between Hazel and Gus. I thought it was decent. Overrated may be a little strong, but I didn't think the book was amazing.

That doesn't mean I think people who loved it are idiots and people who didn't love it are geniuses. That's the great thing about this world - if we didn't have differing opinions it would be pretty boring :)

I really loved it. I think the sarcasm of the characters is the main contributor to it, though.

I'm a fan of John Green's youtube appearances, etc. but not a big fan of the Fault in Our Stars. The topic of cancer was relatable to me because I lost my father to colon cancer, so I was grateful that John tackled the sensitive topic with young adult readers. Yes, some parts of the book were really well-written, clever, humorous, and raw, but otherwise, the story overall that the majority of reviews seemed to be obsessing over wasn't as intense and emotional as I thought it'd be.

The worst feeling after reading the book was the slight lack of satisfaction. I felt like something was missing, as if I didn't read the same book that countless people seemed to be going crazy over. The end was pretty predictable. I remember my first thought after completing the book was, "...Oh, was that it?" It's still an above-average book and it's a good read, however I just think it's getting too much praise. That or my expectations were too high?

I won't say TFiOS was awful, but it certainly wasn't breathtaking.

I enjoyed the book (quite a bit) but I didn't think it was amazing. To me, it was not much else than a cute story of two teens with cancer who fall in love.
I rated it 4 stars, but if it hadn't been for the whole Peter Van Houten part, I'd have rated it 3 stars.

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I do!

I had a very high expectation


So it did kind of bummed me out

Kind of

Lots of people were telling me, "oh this book is so sad and you're gonna cry!"

But I didn't

And i'm a real cryer

so yah

This is going to be incredibly rambled because I'm ill and tired, but I need to throw in my two cents.

The Fault In Our Stars was the last of John's novels I read. The first one was Looking For Alaska, which had a profound impact on me. This is, however, because of one very specific paragraph talking about an "instant death," and because of the fact that I read it a few months after my brother was hit by a truck and killed (which they claimed to be an "instant death").

I saved The Fault In Our Stars for last because of the hype. I have a tendency to play down films, books, video games, etc. when they have more hype. I wasn't expecting to adore the book like many of my friends did, but it wasn't as impressive as they thought.

John's books do use similar characters. Looking For Alaska was his first, and I definitely understand why it can come off as semi-autobiographical. However, it's what he does with these characters that changes. He focuses more on what's happening than who the characters are. I think it's unfair to expect authors to have:
1. phenomenal and unique characters
2. an excellent plot
3. a unique voice
4. a well-executed story exploring themes and topics

Not all authors have these in their books. When it comes to John Green's books, the best part of them is the voice with which he writes. I will admit that it's hard not to look at his books through the same narrow scope and lump his characters into a certain set.

The Fault In Our Stars was definitely the most different from his other books. The most obvious difference is that he wrote from a female perspective instead of a male one. Her characteristics were quite similar to other protagonists, most notably their lack of enthusiasm for socialising and their meeting an attractive and outspoken member of the opposite sex who changes their life in a profound way.

I also noticed more emotion and sentiment put into the writing. The characters seemed to care more than in John's other books, I suppose. They seemed more human and more rounded to me than in his other novels.

I can't even count how many people told me I would cry when I read this book. At least a dozen people, I think. They also told me how much I would love Augustus.

I can, however, count how many tears I shed: zero. It doesn't take a lot to make me emotional when it comes to books, but this one didn't do it for me. I can definitely understand why it affected people as much as it did, but I'm not in the demographic of empathetic people who get sad about death, dying, and the tragedies associated with cancer. I guess I'm a little heartless, but it's going to take a lot more than the death of a conventionally-sexy and confident teenage boy to make me cry.

Overall, it was a decent book. I've read worse, and I've definitely read better, but it was written well. I'm just not one of those people who obsessed over it, or were heavily affected.

This is a little side note: authors need to be able to market their books, and they tend to do that by recycling what works in the past. They stick in a safe zone where they know people will buy their work. A lot of the time they don't know they're doing this. Personally, I'd love to see John write a book with the protagonist not having just one singular interest; Miles had his obsession with last words, I don't even remember the protagonist from An Abundance of Katherines because I really, really didn't like that book, and Quentin from Paper Towns had his obsession with Margo.

I want John to write from the perspective of a character with multiple interests. He tends to write those characters as the one the protagonist gets to know, especially Margo in Paper Towns. She was one of the most interesting characters and I think John could make something fantastic if he wrote from one of /those/ characters' perspectives.

Bea (last edited Mar 07, 2012 05:12PM ) Mar 07, 2012 05:12PM   0 votes
I don't think it's overrated.. Different people have different taste in books, so what you find overrated may not be overrated to others.
It's really just opinions.

This book was definitely very very good and the subject John Green worte about was touching and it gave me a new perspective. I praise him for taking on this subject of young people with cancer. However, I guess I agree with you in the way that I didn't find this book extremely amazing like others did. I was moved and the end was emotional, but I wouldn't say it was the best piece of literature I've ever read.

I do not agree that this book was overrated at all. I loved this book and thought it was the best book I've ever read. The way Green portrayed the characters and the relationships they formed, was amazing. I really got into the book and loved every part of it.

After a while, it gets to the point where you can tell the author is indulging himself and pretty much yapping out pointless crap. Which is a shame because he does have some good quotes/insights burried in there, if they were held together by a substantial story it wouldn't be overrated.
I couldn't finish it :(

Maybe I'll give it another try sometime.

Yes, I think its over-rated & I wish I didn't read it.

Overrated? Possibly. First off I would like to express that my disdain for the characters does not mean that this book is bad. Maybe I missed it or I was paying attention but I don't know why either Hazel or Augustus really loved each other. I felt as if the author wanted people to admire the intelligence of Hazel and Augustus although I felt as if their unwarranted intellect made them feel superior and be sarcastic to everyone else. I felt that these characters were what an "adult" thought what being a teenager was. Such as playing mindlessly violent and gory video games or watching Americas Next Top Model. Lastly, Douchepants...Really? Douchepants is the best offensive word Hazel and Augustus can come up with even though they have such an expansive vocabulary? Overall, I would say this book was okay, but then again the last two books I read before this one were novels by Franz Kafka and Haruki Murakami so maybe I'm being a bit unfair.

When you write a book the number one thing to do is to make it the way you want it. As a reader you should respect that he wanted his books to come out a certain way. So if he wants to , as you say, base his books on himself so be it. All writers have a certain thing that ascertains their writing from another's so you don't have to like his style. In fact, if you think he's writing about himself you should be respectful; it takes a lot to even compose something and put it out there for the world to read especially if you base the book on your life.

I completely understand where your coming from!! When I read Looking For Alaska I didn't understand why everyone loved it so much. But I must say that TFiOS is pretty unique and I loved the characters. I haven't said that JG is amazing or the best author ever or anything else like that because I haven't really liked any of his books except TFiOS.

And don't forget to vote for Gus in the YA Crush Tourney!!

I actually enjoyed it more than I expected, although I don't think my expectations were as high as some people's. I really enjoyed Paper Towns, but An Abundance of Katherines was just so-so for me; personally I think Fault In Our Stars is his best.

Emily (last edited May 23, 2012 10:18AM ) May 23, 2012 10:17AM   0 votes
I didn't think this book was overrated. It made me cry and it is my new favorite book. If you felt nothing, maybe you need to examine the book closer. Hazel got under my skin; I saw myself in her. Though I don't have cancer, I am a 17 year old girl who has lived with a chronic illness since the age of two. And let me tell you-- sarcasm is a lifesaver :)

DIANNE! I dooooo. I so do.

I think it was, although deep down i knew it was going wasn't going to be a great book considering his books. The best work of his has to be Looking for Alaska imo.

deleted member Jun 13, 2013 12:39PM   0 votes
I agree it was way overrated. But I did enjoy it.

I truly belive that this book is overratered. i liked the book but there are other books i rather read and love.

Lennie Bell (last edited Mar 27, 2013 03:24PM ) Mar 25, 2013 08:21AM   0 votes
This was also my first John Green book, and i absoultly loved it, I don't quite understand how everyone is finding it "overrated". Not trying to be nasty here, honest, but I am not quite understanding how some of you whom liked it also found it overrated or those of you who didn't like it;define for me "overrated" then explain how that fits into this book.

I thought the book was alright, I just feel like I didn't LEARN anything from it, which is fine. I just prefer my books to teach me something otherwise it feels like a waste of my time. I felt like TFiOS was trying to say something and maybe I just didn't hear it over all the less thoughtful and more entertaining moments of the book. Maybe I just missed the point of it all.

hermnnm...*thinking*...i liked it. this was my first John Green book and i gave it five stars, i think some of the hype was that he was gonna sign all the books and also his popular YouTube channel, The Vlogbrothers....(Go Nerdfighters), so that may be it, but i thoroughly liked it.

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