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Katniss-- Whiny?

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Annabel ♥ What does everyone think about Katniss? Obviously she's brave and strong, but I've talked to a lot of people and some said that they felt Katniss got a bit whiny in the last two books. So... what do you guys think? Wonder-full or whiny?

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ Ugh she got SOO whiny in Mockingjay. But as annoying she was, it's not like Bella or anything.

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Annabel ♥ Don't even get me started on Bella Swan. She made me sooooo mad.

But yeah, in Mockingjay I did get the whiner vibe from her.

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Bsp Ya pretty much ready to shoot Kristen Stewart but I liked the hunger games another book that was really good is divergent you guys should check it out

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Bsp Also the third book ending sucked big time

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ Omg. I. Love. Divergent. I. Love. It.

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Christina Whiny, I don't know, she was always in the hospital and drugged up or mentally disoriented, so like it wasn't for no reason. I think we all would be if we went through all that, but I can't really think of a specific time when she actually whined.

Natalie i dont think any of us would have been able to go through what she did and be any less "whiny".
......well on second thought she did have her little mental break down in the third one..(the same book with the suckish ending)

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May Nantes Katniss is totally kick-ass, she had some moments in the third book but come on! only half of her story makes you cry and wish to kill the author for being such a bitch

Poppy Yes, especially in Mockingjay she was very whiney!

Fangs for the Fantasy Whiny?

Is she upset? yeah... but it's not like we're talking about a book where the protagonist spends all her time moping because the oh-so-hot boy she likes (and has known for 2 weeks) doesn't like her very much

She is upset because she's in tbhe middle of a brutal cvivil war, likely suffering from PTSD, everyone around her is suffering or risking death, her life has been threatened innumerable times.

I think she's pretty entitled to be "whiny" tbh

Look at the other survivors of the games - how many are drug addicts? How many have drinking problems? These are experiences that can hurt anyone, deeply

Yonina d'ell YEAH!!!!!!!!

Madison I didnt really see her as whiny. thats just my opinion. I mean for what she was going through what did you expect? her not to complain? so yeah

Turtles All the Way Down I'm not Katniss' biggest fan in any of the books; I didn't really see her as whiny though. She had a good reason to be upset in the books, and I would have faired much worse than her under the circumstances.

I did often feel like she was judgmental and catty towards other people though when they didn't deserve it. Like Effie. I was very upset with the way she treated Effie. When it wasn't outright rude, it was condescending and backhanded.

Darlene You see grown men coming back from war totally messed up. Katniss is a sixteen-year-old girl who experienced having to be the backbone of her family's very lives, the games (which in itself should sorta be enough to push you over the edge), being the face of a war, having people's lives depend on your choices, and even having some of your loved ones dying.
I think the girl's allowed to be a little "whiny".

Turtles All the Way Down Fangs for the Fantasy wrote: "Whiny?

Look at the other survivors of the games - how many are drug addicts? How many have drinking problems? These are experiences that can hurt anyone, deeply"

This reminds me of the Battle Royale manga. They show a picture of the previous champion, and she looks monstrous. Her face is covered in blood and she's laughing hysterically because her mind is so broken by what she's just been through (she had to slaughter many of her own classmates viciously before they killed her). Things like what Katniss went through can completely destroy a person, so I can excuse her for being whiny in the last two books.

Gillian I can understand why you would think that. The last book she was kinds selfish because Peeta didn't love her and then Gale didn't want to be with her either. I think she was scared and lonely but never whiny. She is to strong for that. I agree with you bella is way whiny and the ending of mockingjay sucked.

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OMG WHAT ARE YOU ALL TALKING ABOUT she's been through really hard times that girls on her age dindt and if i was her i will probably commit suicide. she may be not the strongest,but she's quite strong for a girl in her age

Wendy Not whiny.

Samantha The Escapist I think most of the people who are calling Katniss whiney aren't saying she doesn't have a good reason, it's just because we had to spend all three books inside her head and whether she's right or not, it's hard to read her thoughts as she goes into a downward spiral.

Reasonable? yes
Well written? yes
painfull to read to the point where the reader enjoys the experience less? YES

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