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GonnaWingIt | 30 comments Mod
You can post your charrie's armor IF YOU WANT TO! It's OPTINAL! You don't have to. If your charrie comes with armor in the copy-paste link, yay! You don't have to post the armor info here then! ^_^

Armor Appearance:
Armor Duration:
Armor Abilities: (PLEASE! Just regular stuff! DON'T GIVE IT EVERYTHING!)


NOTE: Please make it somewhat modern or sci-fi style/futuristic/robotic.

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GonnaWingIt | 30 comments Mod
Name: Calcium Vitaneon
Armor: http://www.goodreads.com/photo/user/7...
Armor Abilities: Gatling gun, infared vison(and more), faster speed, emotion switch, and upgraded senses.

message 3: by Natalie (new)

Natalie | 21 comments ... that is some interesting armor...

message 4: by Natalie (new)

Natalie | 21 comments Name: Jenna Deppth
Armor: http://img2.etsystatic.com/il_fullxfu...
Armor Abilities: She is not yet a soldier so it hides a bulletproof vest.

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GonnaWingIt | 30 comments Mod
Okay~ Good!

Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzfelshadowraven) | 5 comments Name: Hirakene Nul Vasaad


Armor Abilities: This armor Functions as an Environmental Suit, To protect Tholians like Hirakene from Oxygen or Vacuum Environments, the glass is Bulletproof, and on the left hand's Wrist is a Plasma Pulsewave Weapon, this weapon can also be modified to a small Beam, usually the Beam is used for Mining, while the Pulsewave weapon is used for Self-Defense.

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