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GonnaWingIt | 30 comments Mod
((Rp. This area has all sorts of things. A fountain, a playground, a golf course, everything. Remeber: They invented a device that changes the envirment, so when you look up, you see a blue sky. They invented a way to make another atmosphere. You can breathe noramlly here.))

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Lunariette | 15 comments Juniper sprinted across the green tufts of grass. She leaped over a bench, and landed for a split second on the edge of the seat, just long enough for her to push off and leap towards a lamp post. She reached out, grabbed the pole with a jerk, and swung around sideways, using her momentum to spin herself around. She longed to take out her electric whip that was wrapped around her wrist as a golden, glittering bracelet, but if she was going to be a spy, she had to learn to fight with only her body. As she swung around, she kicked out near eye-level of an average person, and imagined an adversary meeting her foot and crumpling to the ground. She let go of the pole, her momentum carrying her into a roll. She popped up and began sprinting again, trying to gain more momentum. She leaped when she hit the X she had drawn in the dirt and reached desperately for the edge of the low roof of the bathrooms, which was almost...in her reach...her fingers grasped nothing but air as she fell back to earth, just inches from touching that gutter. She tucked in and used her feet to turn and push sideways off the wall of the building so she didn't go crashing into it, then tucked in and rolled at the last second before hitting the ground. She popped up again and stood there, panting heavily. She turned around and examined the X she had drawn, imagining the trajectory. It should have all worked out perfectly, but it hadn't the last 5 times she had tried. She frowned and gave a frustrated sigh.

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Natalie | 21 comments Jenna who was training to someday become a soldier, was running with a backpack full of rocks and then spontaneously dropping and doing push-ups saw her twin failing, and dropped her backpack and ran and did a back hand spring over a bench and landed beside Juniper, extending a hand to her, "Want to see how it is really done?" she asked smirking slightly.

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Lunariette | 15 comments Juniper smiled coyly. "Like you could do any better. I just don't get it though..." she examined the X she had made, then looked up at the bathroom roof gutter, her mind calculating at a million miles per second. "The trajectory should have easily given me enough boost." She then took ou a pencil and her sketchbook from her bag, flipped open a huge physics textbook, and began sketching out angles and measurements.

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Natalie | 21 comments Jenna smirked and went back to get a running start. She swung her arms a few times and hit the X with a solid thud and leaped. Grabbing the edge of the gutter with her fingertips, she heaved herself onto the roof. Examining the scene from her new perspective she looked down and said, "Try hitting a bit in front of the X, your strength level might be prohibiting you from making it the full distance."

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Lunariette | 15 comments Juniper rolled her eyes, looking up at Jenna. "Strength level? You've got to be kidding me," she smirked, then ran and leapt onto a trash bin sitting against the bathroom wall. Her foot caused the swinging lid to flip, and she set her other foot on top of the now vertical edge of the lid. She quickly pushed off and grabbed the gutter running along the side of the building, swinging herself upside down onto the roof, doing a flip and landing in a crouch. She looked up at Jenna. "You were saying?"

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Natalie | 21 comments "That is agility and gymnastics at work, not strength." Jenna said smirking.

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Lunariette | 15 comments "Okay, you lug around rocks, and I'll handle the ninja skills," Juniper stood up and smiled brightly at Jenna.

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Natalie | 21 comments Jenna stood up and said, "Hey, I am pretty ninja too. I have been training to be both a spy or soldier, so I have both stength and ninja skills." She picked up one of Junipers' arms and shook it, "Looks like you need to lug around some rocks."

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Lunariette | 15 comments Juniper smiled and shook her head. "I'd rather not, thanks. But I can carry you instead." she said, swiftly ducking, kicking out her legs and tripping Jenna. In the same fluid motion, she rolled to the edge of the roof and leapt into the branches of a tree, landing gracefully without a cut on her body. "Besides, you're going to be a soldier, not a spy. Why train for both?"

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Natalie | 21 comments "I train for both because..." Jenna said putting her hands on the roof behind her head and kicking up her legs sending her into the air, and landing on her feet. "Mabey one day they will need an extra body on a spy team and, it is good to have some ninja skills." Jenna ran to the edge of the roof and leaping into the air, doing a backflip and landing on the ground.

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Lunariette | 15 comments Juniper rolled her eyes. "Show off." She leapt from the branches of the tree silently and landed on the ground, then got up and walked casually towards the bench where her bag and physics textbook was perched. "I'm the one who's going to be the spy-" she clapped her hands over her mouth dramatically and frantically looked around. "No one heard me say that." she announced loudly, then kicked the X on the ground until it had disappeared from the dirt. She then examined her drawings once more and drew the X with a stick about an inch from where she last put it.

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Natalie | 21 comments Jenna sat down next to her, "Why are you so scared others will find out what you want to be?"

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Lunariette | 15 comments ((Um, Talie, June's not ashamed, she's trying to be spy-like and say everything in code. You're not supposed to announce you're going to be a spy.))

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Natalie | 21 comments ((I edited.))

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Lumpia Lover | 13 comments ((You twins, you.))

message 17: by Natalie (new)

Natalie | 21 comments ((YES!))

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Lumpia Lover | 13 comments ((Something going on there, Talie? HMMM?))

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Lunariette | 15 comments ((What are you talking about???))

Juniper looked at Jenna and smirked. "You are so not cut out to be a spy. You don't even know the first rule!" she told her with mock exasperation.

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Natalie | 21 comments "I would know if you tell me, then I would be cut out to be a spy." Jenna said smirking.

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Lunariette | 15 comments Juniper rolled her eyes. "No, that would defeat the whole purpose. And if you think knowing one rule is going to fit you to be a spy, then maybe you would be better suited to growing up to be an elderly librarian. Not everything you can learn through words. Sometimes you have to try it out for yourself." She said deeply, then added, "Now please let me study the trajectory of my leap to the roof with this heavy physics textbook and hope that the measurements add up again."

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Natalie | 21 comments "Nope! In fact I shall not allow you to do that!" Jenna said skipping up to Juniper taking her textbook and then sprinting off, leaping over a bench and hurdling a swing.

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Lunariette | 15 comments Juniper laughed and watched her go, all the while slipping yet another, even heavier and dustier, physics textbook from her bag. Her eyes still watching Jenna sprinting across the park, she quickly opened it and began mapping out her trajectory again.

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Natalie | 21 comments Jenna ran to a place where Juniper could not see her and buried the book. She then walke the long way around the park and came out right where Juniper was.

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Lunariette | 15 comments Juniper smiled without even looking at Jenna. "Have fun?" she asked brightly, glancing up at her before letting her eyes drift back to her book.

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Lunariette | 15 comments ((Talie comment on this already!))

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Natalie | 21 comments ((oh.))
"I am going to have more fun." Jenna took her new book and her bag and ran for it. She was faster than Juniper, so she knew she twin could not catch up.

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Lunariette | 15 comments ((Haha you wish you were actually faster. And don't give me that endurance stuff. I've got endurance too.))

Juniper smirked and took off after her, taking a straight route slightly diagonal than that of her twin. She purposely set a course littered with obstacles such as trees and benches. She sprinted up to a bench and leapt over it, kicking off with her feet and flying over to a tree. She grabbed on and swung like a monkey from tree to bench to tree to trash can as she gained speed and closed in on Jenna. Not to mention that she was silent as an owl.

((Hehe this could actually happen...))

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Lunariette | 15 comments ((Talie...wherever did you go?))

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