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Moon Base 16, Soldiers' Quarters > Training Grounds/Arena

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GonnaWingIt | 30 comments Mod
((Rp. This is where the soldiers practice. This place only has futuristic weapons, like ray-guns, laser whips etc. Ask me to add any of your own weapons. An obstacle course is to the far right.))

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GonnaWingIt | 30 comments Mod
Calcium steadied her sniper and gave a headshot to the dummy. She reloaded and was congrajulated by the other soldiers. She grinned and headed off for a break.

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Grace Ludavica walked in just as Calcium was leaving the training grounds for sniping. She scoffed at the hybrid and "accidentally" brushed against her.
"Watch where you're going, Calcium," she said gruffly. She brushed her red hair back and put it into a pony tail.

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