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rosebee (rose33) Name: CAGY
Description: A place where magical commonality can mingle and enrich their abilities. Here they will become part of Lenox, Vizir, Ardor, Makhfee, Novus, Avaster, or Dankunst. They will reach the height of their magical abilities, as well as learn in a safe environment.

Run by Jack Adams, head of Ardor, Ace Lenox, head of Lenox, Betty Butternut, head of Vizir, Yamsia Flouch, head of Makhfee, Erik Lauper, head of Novus, Gavin Bennett, head of Avaster, and Margaretha Leher, head of Dankunst. Circe's Academy for Gifted Youth is the place for magical creatures between the ages of fourteen and nineteen.


Created all of ours current moderators as a project, CAGY was made so that the role-players of Goodreads could become part of a group that welcomed them wholeheartedly, where everyone welcomes you, where anybody will role-play with you, and where anyone can belong. Here at CAGY, we're a family.

"Ohana means family - and that means no one gets left behind or forgotten."

Rose-Head of Lenox
EJ- Head of Vizir
Kat- Head of Ardor
Sadiya-Head of Mahkfee
Alex- Head of Novus
Liz- Head of Avaster
Adena-Head Of Dankunst

Setting: Public

Rules: You should know..

Link: http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/6...

message 2: by rosebee (new)

rosebee (rose33) I ask everyone in this group to Join CAGY...its quite amazing :)

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