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Vera the Cat and Trudy the Mouse

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message 1: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (last edited Feb 16, 2012 02:19PM) (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments So, recently as of Wednesday's episode, (view spoiler)Any theories on this? In the preview, (view spoiler)Collector? Jasper? Vera? POOR POOR TRUDY!!!

message 2: by Kyrah (new)

Kyrah I agree, I think she was crying. Also, Trudy was probably really upset that she couldn't go with Nina to visit her Gran.

message 3: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments I think she was upset that she was being kept captive. Nina's Gran was probably the last thing on her mind. lol

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