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Do you think there should be "teams"?

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message 1: by Annabel ♥ (last edited Feb 16, 2012 02:06PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Annabel ♥ Team Peeta, team Gale, oh why does it matter. Is anyone feeling besides me that there should be way less hype around which team you're on

Caroline Peeta

Annabel ♥ No, I meant to discuss the way people are talking these days: whether there should be teams or not. Not which team you're on.

Caroline Peeta

message 5: by Annabel ♥ (last edited Feb 16, 2012 02:08PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Annabel ♥ OK great whatever. :) wow

you sound like a hardcore team peeta. gosh.

definitely post on the Thousands of discussions that are like "go peeta" or something.

Caroline I speak Peeta.

Caroline And englisa?

Caroline Englisa, new langage

Annabel ♥ I dont get it

Caroline I speak my new langage englisa

Caroline Peeta

Annabel ♥ So your language in involves an endless rant of "Peeta peeta peeta", I gather?

Annabel ♥ and can someone please comment here that is actually ABOUT the topic?

Annabel ♥ I agree.

J. JaeBloggs Agree with exactly which part of my comment? The entire thing :) or just the stupid teams thing?

Caroline Gale killed Prim, Peeta

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)


Caroline chantelle wrote: "Peeeeeeeeeeeeta"


message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Caroline wrote: "chantelle wrote: "Peeeeeeeeeeeeta"



Caroline Oh, Peeta, (nod head)

Caroline Who care??? Peeta!

Caroline Hehaho! Peeta!

J. JaeBloggs What does that even mean?!

J. JaeBloggs Hello?

J. JaeBloggs Caroline wrote: "Gale killed Prim, Peeta"

Technically it is not certain that Gale killed Prim. I love Gale.

Caroline Yes he did, Peeta didnt

Annabel ♥ JJaeBloggs wrote: "Agree with exactly which part of my comment? The entire thing :) or just the stupid teams thing?"

I don't know. i guess the stupid teams thing:) lol

Annabel ♥ Caroline wrote: "Who care??? Peeta!"

Gosh if youre going to be like that then go do that in another discussion. not this one

Diane People are fixated on the love triangle, hence the team thing. It's not what the story is about (mostly), but I suppose it's a human interest thing. They love the drama of the smidgen of romance in the trilogy.
It's doesn't really matter but it's sort of a way to show support and/or enthusiasm for the character you like best or for whoever you want for Katniss.

Annabel ♥ That's a great way of putting it

Diane Anne wrote: "That's a great way of putting it"
Thanks. :)

Poppy "Teams" was overdone when Twilight came out... And Twilight failed.

Charlotte Gale and Peeta weren't fighting eachother, while the guys in Twilight did (so I'm told).
Sure they both love Katniss, but they didn't hate eachother. So it really isn't teams...

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