Lockdown (Escape from Furnace, #1) Lockdown question

Opinion, good or bad book?
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what is your opinion on this series bt Alexander Gordon Smith?

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I loved it. It's a dark mystery. It may not be scary for some but definitely dark and it's very exciting. This kid gets put into The Furnace which is a "life" prison for kids (teens) and it's belowground. Described as this: Hell is below earth and below hell is The Furnace. Pretty neat series. I've read up to SOLITARY. It's about the kid trying to figure out why he was set up to make it look like he killed his best friend, how to get out, and the like. I'd reccommend it!

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No I finished the first three books in two days! I love this series!
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awesome book

I thought the book was okay but did not care for the ending. The ending was placed in the middle of the climax which left the story incomplete. I think it would have been better to add the first and second book together as a single novel and stop at the end point of the second book. That seemed like a more natural stopping point than ending in the middle of the climatic moment.

Diane I think the cliffhanger style of ending works for this series because the books are short and it makes you want to just jump into the next installment ...more
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I really liked it but I enjoyed the 1st one more.

I LOOVED IT!! I cant wait for Execution to come out!! Noverber 13th BABY! Anyway if you dont like horror, thriller, gruesome, books that keep you up at night thinking,"Wheezers are NOT real, they arenNOT going to inject you with necter," so if you dont like all that stuff then I dont suggest it. I wasnt one for violence buut I thought "what the heck" and I was obsessed!!!!!

This book blew me away! It totally kicks A$$!!! It was on my shelf for a long time and I thought, eh, give it a shot. It's my favorite book of 2012 so far. Great characters, and the Villain's - especially the Wheezers - are beyond scary, there's an exquisite feeling of dread and apprehension hanging over every page. Great plot twists and the pace was insane right to the cliff hanger. More please...

loved it! Lockdown is one of those books where its hard to stop reading!

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