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Gatha G (gatha) | 72 comments Shine gazed at the big tree.She had admired it from the first day in Hogwarts,she was in love with that tree.

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Gouri (gourianil) "Yeah but it won't love you back shine"Said Claire.She had a huge pile of books in her hand.

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Gouri (gourianil) "yep.it is.are you a first year student?"she asked the girl.

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Gatha G (gatha) | 72 comments "Yeah,haven't you seen it before?Which year are you ?"Shine raised her eyebrows in amusement.

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Gouri (gourianil) "Yeah.Take this shine.It is your home work time table..I made for you"she said handing a large coloured sheet to Shine.

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Gatha G (gatha) | 72 comments ((gotta go))

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Gouri (gourianil) "ok"she said."Nice accent"she said.
((bye gats c you later))

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Gouri (gourianil) "no.I haven't.which year is he in?"Claire asked.

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Gouri (gourianil) "Oh hi"Claire said.

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Gatha G (gatha) | 72 comments "Hi I'm Amy."

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Gouri (gourianil) "We are in year 6"Claire said.

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Gatha G (gatha) | 72 comments "Yeah and we are really sad to leave Hogwarts.Its been more of a second home to us.This is our sixth year here and obviously we will miss all the teachers and friends and the corridors and dormitories and especially this."Amy pointed at the whomping willow.

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Gatha G (gatha) | 72 comments "Well you are absolutely right.It attack anyone and anything that comes within range of its branches.But it is said that there is a particular knot on the trunk which can be pressed using a long branch in order to stop the attacks."Amy finished her small lecture.

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Gatha G (gatha) | 72 comments "Oh it's quite dangerous.We can even loss our life."Amy shook her head.

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