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"Ahem." Lucius Malfoy cleared his throat. "If you would all sit down now we wil get started." he brandished ((is that a word?)) his wand for effect.

All the death Eaters were so busy they didn't notice Naomi, Giuliana, Harry, and holly ((I think that's who it is..) sneak into the room and behind some boxes. Naomi really had to sneeze, but she resisted, so it came out as a little squeak. She covered her mouth and looked horrified.

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Giuliana  (giulianafromnewyork) | 315 comments "Bless you." Giuliana whispered to Naomi.

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Naomi (naomihp) | 581 comments Mod
"Thanks," she whispered back and smiled.

As all the Death Eaters were quieting down, Lucius started talking again. "As you all know, ever since Lord Voldemort died, all of us Death Eaters have been inactive. However, I think it is about time to do a rally to show those Mudbloods who is boss. Your thoughts?" The Death Eaters all shouted out randomly, and Lucius waved his wand to silence them. "Anyone who wishes to speak may take a step up now." ((do you want to RP a Death Eater?))

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