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12/11: 1Q84 > What makes the love story of Tengo and Aomame so compelling? What obstacles must they overcome to be together? Why was the moment when Aomame grasped Tengo’s hand in grade school so significant?

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Aaron (Typographical Era)   | 227 comments Mod
Compelling or creepy? I thought it was more than a little odd that they were both obsessing over pre-teen versions of one another.

I guess they overcome cults, thunderstorms, little people, and moons to be together, which is kind of cool.

Aaron (Typographical Era)   | 227 comments Mod
That's actually the title of the sequel, and there's an MTV soundtrack, and three alternate endings. Also, Tengo has bright orange hair.

marquie (wandererest96) | 1 comments it seemed as though Aomame wasn't really in love with Tengo, but the idea that she had constructed for Tengo. What do you think?

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