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message 1: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Darling | 102 comments Mod
Miz wrote: "Free Bible Study program that you can edit and customise for yourself:"

I use eSword all the time, every day and I love it. It is one of the most useful Bible programs I've seen and it is free, though some modules cost money. I highly and actively recommend it all the time.

message 2: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Darling | 102 comments Mod
Biblegateway is THE classic go to place on the web for the Bible. It's a great site.

message 3: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Darling | 102 comments Mod
I have enjoyed looking at the wonderful artistry of the first printed Bible. The British Library lets you view digital images of the Gutenberg Bible. Magnificent:

message 4: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Darling | 102 comments Mod
no worries, thanks

message 5: by Ben (new)

Ben | 16 comments This is a great piece of software that I use regularly - especially like using the Strongs concordance definitions, and the Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge embedded in it...

message 6: by Cathy (new)

Cathy Bryant (authorcathybryant) | 2 comments I like to re-read the Bible every year. Some days, after reading or listening to the Bible, I listen to the same passages on "The Connection" with Skip Heitzig. Quite often, he offers useful historical background information. Just now I am working my way back through Genesis. Something else that I found fun to do was to diagram the genealogy in the Old Testament leading up to Christ in the New Testament. I learned a lot by doing this, including family connections to David. Timothy, thanks for starting this group. I looked back through some of your posts. It is great to see what others are thinking about the passages or books they are reading. Someone probably already posted links to online audio Bibles, such as

message 7: by Timothy (new)

Timothy Darling | 102 comments Mod
Blessings on your ambitious goals. Thanks for the links. Do you use any particular software for tracing lineage in the Bible. I have tried using Family Tree Maker, but it gets confusing very fast.

Master Melvin M.  Lusterio (aionheaven) | 3 comments I still like the textbook format that can be bought in the bookstore. Any good version is highly commendable! Alleluia! Amen!

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