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"Ehem", Dumbledore rose his voice. "You may now begin to eat." The table then had a huge feast.

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Giuliana  (giulianafromnewyork) | 315 comments Everyone started cheering and the great hall filled with noise!

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Giuliana  (giulianafromnewyork) | 315 comments "We do this every year, why are people still cheering," said Harry.

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"They are sooo totally excited!!! I know I am",said Hermione

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"I cant wait to get back to the library!"

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"Oh and what do you plan to do, eat the whole table", said Hermione eating her food properly

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GonnaWingIt | 9 comments Max quietly sat at his table and began to eat.

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Michelle slid into the seat next to him. "Is this seat taken", she asked politly

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GonnaWingIt | 9 comments Max looked up. "No. Just me." he said.

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"Good she said. I see you got sorted into Gryffindor she said."

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"Ron youre crazy!!!" Ummmm I was wondering do you want to meet down by the lake today?"

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"Um no reason sai hermione slowly." Maybe you need help studying for the OWLS or something."

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"Ha Ha Ron!" Hermione reached for a blueberry muffin

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Giuliana  (giulianafromnewyork) | 315 comments "I know I am nervous", said Harry after taking a drink of pumpkin juice.

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"How Come Harry?"

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Giuliana  (giulianafromnewyork) | 315 comments "What do you mean?" said Harry and scooped rice into his mouth.

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Josilyn Bertrand | 2 comments "Ya me too," said another new face. "When do we get sorted?"

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Naomi (naomihp) | 581 comments Mod
(( Josie--you're in Ravenclaw. :) ))

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David | 15 comments Yeah go ravenclaw!

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Bam (bam_bam) Silvana walked into the great hall and made her way to the Gryffindor table. She noticed half the bench was full and the other half was available to she made her way to the middle section of the free space on the available side. She placed her bag next to where she sat and looked around at the different kinds of food she could eat for lunch.

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Drew (purrfectly) Tina wandered into the hall, carrying her kitten Ita.
"Hello? Is any one here?" she calls out, then waits for a reply.

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Kristen hears some mumbling out in the distance.
"Ugg probably just some of the boys fooling around.", she thought to herself and kept on reading.

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Drew (purrfectly) Tina saw a few people, but as none of them replied to her, she ignored them. Sighing, she decided to check the library for someone to talk to. She turned slowly, but then Ita jumped out of her hands, and ran to the other end of the hall. "Ita!" Tina calls, exasperated, and runs after her.

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Then Luna comes and says "Hi!" and then she drifts away to the Ravenclaw table.

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