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Who here is a Delena fan??!!

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Amanda Leigh (amandaleighauthor) I can't decide. I just cannot decide who Elena should be with. Recently, Nina Dobrev said Elena should be with Matt. As far as Delena or Stelena I just don't know. If it's not Delena, I want Damon to find somebody who he really loves and who really loves him, because he deserves that. I don't want him, or Stefan, to be alone.

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AGREEED!!!! About teh Damon part! This brings tears for some reason! Damon need to find himself a girl who loves his soft mometns and his badass vampire moves. He needs someone who is always going to choose him and not telling him that he cares too much or that his love is a problem. I want damon to be happy!
As for the Elena part. Elena should NOT be with Matt. Firt episode, first season she was talking to Stefan about how there was never any passion between those two. If Elena ends up with Matt at all she'll just be playing it safe.
I love me some Damon, but I'm a Stefan girl by nature! And I love that there's a connection between all three of them and you're on the edge of your seat not knowing where the storyline will go next!
I love TVD, can you tell??!! haha

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arabella | 2 comments Helllllo??? Anyone home in this group????

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Maddie (mysteria02) | 2 comments Delena is my all time favorite tv ship!

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