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message 1: by Moloch (last edited Feb 16, 2012 03:18AM) (new)

Moloch | 2794 comments Please, could someone separate this edition

from the others? It's really a Vol. 2 and it should not be combined with the whole work, I think. I cannot do it because unfortunately it's the most popular edition.

message 2: by Patrice (last edited Feb 16, 2012 03:38AM) (new)

Patrice Leonard (imkal) | 14 comments Hi,

In fact, there are 3 differents set of books. Vol.1, Vol 2. and then what I think is a 1 volume edition with the Appendix.

The most popular edition can be separated by using the Separate tool that will keep the other edition together.


message 3: by Moloch (new)

Moloch | 2794 comments What is it? I clicked on "separate" beside the title on the combine page, but the result was "you cannot separate the most popular edition of a work"

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23742 comments Moloch, you do the reverse and separate all the others, which leaves the most popular one all lonely :)

message 5: by Moloch (new)

Moloch | 2794 comments Seems someone has already done it, thanks. Thanks Sandra for the suggestion.

message 6: by Zeljka (new)

Zeljka (ztook) | 57 comments Please, super-librarian,

I have just the same problem with

It is a collection of stories that should go in that category, not with the stand-alone novella of the same name, and there are too many of them to separate them all to get that one.

message 7: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42415 comments Mod
It doesn't need a super, just someone to sift through which editions should be combined. And which should not.

Working on it.

message 8: by Zeljka (new)

Zeljka (ztook) | 57 comments Thanks!

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