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Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Start Here.

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) Raven walked to school, running late. She didn't care, she was always late.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun shifted in her seat beside the portable hospital bed, her father had been hacking all night and the worry was keeping her awake. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she glanced around, eyeing the clock in the corner, "Well, I'm going to miss first period..." she murmured as she stood, moving through the silent house as she made herself presentable and downed two cups of black coffee.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kai rubbed his head as he looked at the clock in the class room then the desk next to him. guess she'll be late again today. Thinking this he sighed deeply and look to the window almost completely blocking out everything the teacher said.

Takamasa Stretched his arms and legs wide, his eyes closing shut tightly before opening again to look at the woods that were set right behind the school. A place he'd always like to go when he felt like not going to his classes. Not that he had any attention of telling his dear younger brother that he skipped every once in awhile, i mean what kind of big brother be if he knew but other then that he wasn't the perfect figure of a older brother anyway. Tattoo's spread all across his body, piercings and he even smoked. He moved quickly from the table he was sitting on and flicked the lit cigarette to the ground before putting it out with his foot.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Stretching out the kinks in her muscles from sitting still fro so long in the chair beside her father, she moved around the room, making everything as easy for him as possible, knowing he would be attempting to work til she came home in the evening, "I'm heading to school, Father." she murmured gently, plaicing a light kiss on his cheek after she pulled open the thick curtains on the window. Stepping out of the bright white room, she headed down one of the large, extravagant halls as she headed to the front door, pulling her black boots on and glancing in the mirror, smoothing her grey cami and black skirt down as she pulled an oversized zip up hoodie on. Grabbing her bag she stepped out the door and proceeded to walk to school, humming lightly under her breathe as she pulled out her phone and text one of the only people who would notice her absence, Sorry Kai♥! n'other sleepless night. Running late!~J

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) Raven took her time to get to class. She'd argued with her brother again and didn't want to take her anger out on anyone. She saw the school ahead of her and sighed, walking. She headed to class

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kai almost jumped out of his seat as he felt the strong vibrations from his phone,he swallowed before looking at the teacher who was looking back at him."Kai..could you please answer the question on the bored."The teacher said in a gruff voice seeming not amused."O-oh...u-uhm."Looks at everyone before back at the teacher."....57?" Many people giggled at the answer before the teacher hushing them."Um Kai were in english not math."Shaking his head he went back to teaching the class as kai looked at his desk, only then pulling out his phone to reply. Alright....Hurry please! >..<

Takamasa walked threw the woods in a clam fashion for him knowing every which turn in this small but large bunch on trees. Grinning a couple times he watches as birds pasted threw seeming alarmed by this unknown creature. At this he started to hum to himself.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun flipped her phone open right as she recieved Kai's text, a smile flitting across ehr lips as she guessed what happened, Hurry? Did you get yourself in trouble again? Oh! I know! Gave another math answer!? she sent back, putting her phone away and stepping off the sidewalk, running a short cut through her mind.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Huh?! uh....m-maybe. he sighed at this answer before looking back at the clock in the room seeing first period would be over very soon. At this he moved a little and moved his bag on top of his desk to start piling in his book and paper.

Takamasa stopped and sat on a log that was near a small river, to him this was one of the only nice places to go to in these woods. The sound of the water flowing down the river somewhat soothed him into thinking clearly.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Haha loser! I'm on my way! Jun took a short cut through the park, glancing at her watch just as the school came into view. Smiling happily as she walked to the office and chatted with the women there, Jun waited for the bell to signal the end of first, waving good bye to the women as it did. Heading to her locker she grabbed her school bag and books, shutting it and leaning against the cool metal as she waited for Kai.

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) Raven sighed and walked around aimlessly, not wanting to go to her second class. She thought of ditching and walked out, heading towards the shade to hide from some teachers near windows

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) He stuffed his phone back into his pocket after reading the txt and stood as the bell rang, with a sigh of relief. He shuffled out of the class room quickly.

Takamasa looked at the time on his watch before getting up and stretching,trying to decide if he wanted to go to his second class or not.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun shifted faintly, eyeing the kids moving up and downs the halls as she searched for familiar faces, closing her eyes after a moment as mild fatigue settled in, wondering if she could convince Kai to skip and head back to her house for coffee and cookies, smirking at the idea.

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) Raven sighed and sat town in front of a tree, blending in with the shadow. She pulled her iPod out and put her earphones in, blaring music. She closed her eyes

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) (( pssst XD hun tis jun!)
Kai moved threw the crowded tall way with a small yawn. Only done with the first class and he was already ready to come back to sleep. Shaking his head he then spotted Jun and smiled.

Takamasa shrugged at a weird thought before starting back threw the woods, threw the familiar path that he had tooken before. Unaware he moved back out into the opening not noticing the girl as he passed her.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((.....If you were refering to my typo, shush >.> <.< >.> I fixed....>< xD My charrie is usually named Kai.....))
Jun sighed deeply as she slowly opened her eyes, shoving her hand into her coat pocket to search for her phone before noticing Kai, a warm smile tugging at the corners of her lips as she pushed off the lockers and nearly skipped over to him, "Good morning, Kaunis!" she chimed brightly, a hopeful glint in her eyes.

((Kaunis is Finnish for Beautiful))

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) Raven noticed a different shadow near her and glanced up, taking one of her headphones out. The music was blaring so loud it could be heard almost clearly. She saw a guy and raised her eyebrows

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Tara sat in the main office, trying to read one of her custom made books. She hated being the new student, and her... disability just made it that much harder.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kai smiled a little as he saw his friend,his bag over his shoulder,gripping it tightly."Hey Jun."

Takamasa looked back at the other before only a moment before continuing on his way toward the school not even giving a second thought.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun clasped her bags tightly against her chest, grinning happily at Kai, "How was class? Did I miss anything important? Oh, what, nevermind, you never pay attention anyway. Huh, you look tired? No coffee this morning? Well, I was just thinking of heading back to my house to get more, but if you're tired maybe you want to come with? I mean its not like you like school or something. Wait! Unless you do? Nah, that doesn't sound like you..." Jun let her rant drift into silence, as seh look down and studied the circle she was drawing on the floor with the tip of her shoe.

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Tara sat alone in the office, one of the teachers had told her that they were going to get her a guide, but that had been a while ago.

(Can Takamasa run into Tara??)

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) ((Sure))

Kai's Smile was spread huge across his face as he listened to his friend rant on and on like she usually did. In someway he found this cute, with a small laugh he took her hand and pulled it in a certain direction."Then we better get going before the bell rings."

Takamasa rubbed the back of his head as he yawned loudly in the loud hallways of the school, many people seeming to move around him,somewhat avoiding. In this school many people seemed to have thought of him as a bad person because of his appearance. there were even rumors going around that he had been in jail and that he possibly sold drugs.Himself though just shrugged off the silly rumors that seemed to remain unanswered.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun blinked comically in mild confusion as she allowed Kai to tug her along, following after him obidiently. As his words registered in her mind though she suddenly grinned widely, quite overjoyed that he had agreed and to be skipping school. Quickening her pace alittle so she was walking next to Kai, she swung their hands lightly in a somewhat childish manner, humming a happy little tune under her breath.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Looking around he hurried out the doors of the school his feet not taking long to quicken as he hurried to the gate of the school, not wanting to take any chances of being stopped by Teachers.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun jogged along beside him, much more carefree about the whole escaping school grounds thing, having been skipping since she had started school. Pausing as they rounded the gate and stepped out of school grounds, Jun dropped Kai's hand and stretched, her grin only widening as she studied him.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kai let out a breath of relief now that they were off school grounds,his grin quickly returning as he looked to you with almost unreadable eyes."Lead the way."

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kai let out a breath of relief now that they were off school grounds,his grin quickly returning as he looked to you with almost unreadable eyes."Lead the way."

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun nodded lightly, hooking her arms behind her back, "Hai! Follow me, Sundara!" she chimed lightly, heading down the sidewalk towards her home, singing softly under her breath.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Chuckling lightly under his breath he followed,stuffing his hands deep into his front pockets quiet liking the sweet sound of your voice as you sang.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) (First persons through me off alittle o .o you FB rp to much xD)
Jun quieted after a minute and turned around to study Kai, walking backwards with some skill, "So, hows life Krasiv?" she asked lightly, pushing some loose hair back from her eyes while smiling at him.

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) DollisMarry~ wrote: "((Sure))

Takamasa rubbed the back of his head as he yawned loudly in the loud hallways of the school, many people seeming to move around him,somewhat avoiding. In this school many people seemed to have thought of him as a bad person because of his appearance. there were even rumors going around that he had been in jail and that he possibly sold drugs.Himself though just shrugged off the silly rumors that seemed to remain unanswered. "

Tara sighed and slowly got up, deciding that she could find her way on her own. Who needed eyes? She found the office door quickly, and walked out onto the hall.
"There," She muttered to herself, "I'm almost started." Just them, someone bumped into her. She tried to keep on her feet, but ended up sprawled on the ground. "Hey! What where you're going!"

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) ((Sorry XD I can't help it -Sniffle,sniffle.-))

Kai looked back to Jun as she spoke to him,seeming to have been distracted with something else on his mind."Hm?"He blinked in somewhat confusing,not seeming to have heard her.

Takamasa looked down at the girl who had ran into him just a few seconds ago."What were you going? You mean watch don't you?" He frowned rolling his eyes a bit before moving to grab her hand to pull her back on her feet.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun giggled faintly and cocked her head to one side, "I asked how you were doing, Měilì." she paitiently commented again, catching herself when she stumbled alittle and settling for walking next to him instead of walking backwards.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kai Smiled a bit continuing to walk with a slow pace."I'm fine as always, Why?" He looked back to in front of them before back at her with another questioning expression.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun shrugged lightly, "You've been really quiet lately, and like a good bestest friend I was and am worried." she replied in a very business like tone, crossing her arms and looking at him with a quirked eyebrow.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) "Aah.."He thought to himself for a moment not really noticing his behavior had changed at all but thinking on it he suppose it had."Well i'm completely fine so no reason to worry Junnie."Kai Grinned as he started to walk a bit faster.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun stumbled slightly at his sudden change in pace, pausing for a minute in confusion before jogging forward to catch up, "Ey, Lijep, you sure?" she called, catching hold of his arm incase she tripped again.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) "Very Sure and what's Lijep anyway?"He laughed lightly under his breath as he looked at you from the corner of his eye,continuing to walk even though he was unsure of what direction he was suppose to be going.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun rolled her eyes alittle, tugging him across the street after checking to make sure they wouldn't get hit, "Really? After every name I have called you this morning, thats the one you ask about?" Laughing lightly, she glanced up at him, "Lijep means Beautiful in Croatian." she answered after a minute, suddenly pointing ot a large house painted cream white with a red/brown tiled roof, "And theres the house."

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) DollisMarry~ wrote: "((Sorry XD I can't help it -Sniffle,sniffle.-))

Kai looked back to Jun as she spoke to him,seeming to have been distracted with something else on his mind."Hm?"He blinked in somewhat confusing,not..."

Tara had bit her tongue when she fell so her voice came out weird, slurring her words. "Ah con geet up on mah own," She said, jerking her hand away and reaching out for the wall.

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Daisy Paige walked into school, she was in a ratty pair of jeans and a tee shirt. She could barely afford to make rent, she was worried. Her tips hadn't been so great lately. She sighed, walking to her locker and twisting the combination. She shoved her backpack in and pulled out her binder.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Takamasa returned his hand to his side now frowning from the girls reaction."Fine, Have fun with that."He mumbled his and started on his way to class.

Kai looked to where she pointed,his eyes shifting a bit in wonder before looking back to Jun again."Craotain? Some how i've never heard of that language."

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun shrugged alittle, her eyes locking on the house, "Alot of people don't know it. My dad likes to teach me how to say beautiful in alot of different languages during late nights." she chimed, skipping up to the large oak door and unlocking it, letting it swing open as she slipped inside, turning on lights as she headed for a spacious white kitchen.

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Tara stood up, but her legs tangled with her book bag and she fell again, spewing every curse she could think of. Her knee hit hard on the ground which only made her curse louder. She didn't get why her parents wouldn't just let her be home-schooled.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) "Different...But why the word beautiful?" Kai watched jun curiously as she walked into the house that she had just pointed out just a few seconds before. He walked inside finding himself feel even more curious as he looked around with his eyes, taking in the unknown house , outstretching his arm to shut the door behind him.

Takamasa continued his stride toward his class not noticing that she had fallen since the halls were obnoxiously loud." Some people don't know when to take kindness when it's given..." He muttered this under his breath obviously seeming bothered by it.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun paused for a split second as she thought over the question, chewing her bottomlip softly before shrugging, "I don't know, cause you're pretty?" she commented in a playful tone, giggling faintly as she continued on her way through the large and well decorated home, running her fingers lightly over the messily painted walls. The kitchen was the only room she hadn't painted herself, and unlike the rest of the house its wall weren't covered in different colored paintings, they were just plain cream white to match the silver of the appliances. Skipping up to the coffee machine, she began setting it up, singing softly under her breath.

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) One of the teacher's ended up finding Tara, taking her to her first class. Which just happened to be Takamasa's. She still felt unconformable with someone guiding her, like she was a child.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) Kai stood for a moment before shrugging and following his friend into the kitchen. Finding himself somewhat surprised by the sudden change of color. With light blue contact covered eyes he looked to Jun and sat down on a stool.

Takamasa sat in the back of the classroom ,playing with a pencil as he waited for class to start. Pushing back on his chair he watched as Tara walked into the room with the teacher.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Jun paused after a moment and glanced over her shoulder at Kai, sizing him up for a moment before flashing a brilliant smile, "So, you like your coffee strong, right?" she asked sweetly, shrugging before he could answer and moving from the coffee to pulling out a cookie sheet and a ton of different ingredient for making cookies, "What kind of cookies do you like, hn?" she asked suddenly, looking up with a blank expression.

Katelin (Dollis Marry~) (hydeist) He shifted in his stool for a moment before resting his elbow on the table and his chin in his palm."Vanilla Chip cookies?"

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