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Cat (coffeecat19) okiedokie

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₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Name: Asmera Carter
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Other: Has a scar on her right temple from a car accident that killed her mother and nearly killed her when she was four.

Not sure if that's enough, but I can add more.

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((Its good))

Name: Carter Benjamin James (III)
Age: 19
Looks: [image error]

Other: Has a scar on left eyebrow from being hit by his abusive father. Has a baby sister. Mom is dead

Name: Penelope Susan Samantha James (Goes by Susan/Susie)
Age: 3
Looks: [image error]
[image error]
Other: Has scars on her back from being hit by her abusive father. Has a brother. Mom is dead.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((where should we have this start? :P ))

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((IDk, the hospital?))

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((Kay, reason?))

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((Maybe you were at the hospital visiting someone and saw us, cuz my charries are abused by their dad))

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((How 'bout her dad's a doctor and she hangs around the hospital sometime, then the rest of the thing with your charries))

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((OK))

Susan ran through the hospital with her little hospital gown showing her Care-Bear underwear in the back.

A boy chased after her wheeling himself with one arm in a wheelchair. "Susan! Wait!" He called as he groaned. One arm was in a sling and a cast, the other trying to puch himself in the wheelchair

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Asmera was startled when a little girl practically collided with her. She grabbed the girl before she could fall and crouched down to her level. "Should you be running around here, young lady?" she asked in a friendly tone, a warm smile on her face.

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Cat (coffeecat19) She covered her face with her hands, opening her fingers to peak through and giggled. "Nope!"

"Susan!" He called again, and came to a stop in front of Asmera. "Thanks for finding my sister." He took the ittle girl, small even for 3, in his good arm, and set her on his lap.

The little girl had bruises beneath her eye and on her cheek. And a cast around the top of her arm.

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₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ "No problem," she said simply. She studied the adorable little girl, and her brother, both of them pretty beat up. "You guys get in some trouble?" she asked carefully. She had seen young people like this covered in bruises with various injuries. She knew what it meant.

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Cat (coffeecat19) "Our dad is in prison, he used to beat up Susan here. When I stood up for her, I got the same, but worse." He held up his bad arm, and lowered it slowly, taking a quick intake of breath through his teeth, while squinching up his nose.

Susan touched his face, her whole hand barely covering it.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Asmera's eyebrows furrowed, her lips screwed slightly off to the side. "I'm glad you guys got away from him," she said.

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Cat (coffeecat19) "Yeh, me too, I'm justppy she's akoy." He said, looking to Susan. "I'm Carter James."

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ She looked at the little girl. "I'm Asmera Carter."

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Cat (coffeecat19) "I'm Penelope Susan Samantha James!: She said, little too loud, sayong the words slowwly and messing up a lot. She was only 3.

Carter laughed

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Asmera grinned. "That's quite the name."

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Cat (coffeecat19) "My mom liked long names. My full name Is Carter Benjamin Aaron James, the III."

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Cat (coffeecat19) "My mom liked long names. My full name Is Carter Benjamin Aaron James, the III."

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((I've gotta run. Night!))

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ "Wow, all I got stuck with was Asmera Rosalia Carter."

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((BYE))

"I like it." Carter countered.

Susan giggled.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ ((back))

Asmera shrugged. "There's too many 'a's in it." She stopped talking, suddenly realizing they were just talking about long names in the middle of the hall.

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Cat (coffeecat19) ((YAY!))

A large, black nurse with a southern drawl came up and picked up Samantha. "What are you two doing ut of your rooms?! And you know you can't pick up your sista with that arm AND that leg." She scolded.

"Sorry Miss Vidalia." Carter said. But please can I just hug her?"

Samantha clasped her hands together and brought her upper lip over the top.

"Alright, I guess it's fine, just don't tell Dr. Golan." She handed Samantha to Carter and wheeled him back to his room.

"Bye Asmera!"

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ She smiled and gave a wave. "Bye Penelope Susan Samantha and Carter Benjamin Aaron James, the III!" She thought she remembered all of the their names right.

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Cat (coffeecat19) He laughed all the way down the hall, holding his stomach so it wouldn't hurt.

"By Asmerelda!" She called, saying her name like the girl frm the movie

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Asmera laughed, not for the first time wishing she had at least one sibling.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Carter was wheeled into his room ,where he immediatley threw up. Susan todled over and patted his back.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ She liked the brother and sister. She debated asking Kiera, the head nurse, where their rooms were. It was certainly better than bumming around the cafeteria and gift shop for the next four hours waiting for her dad.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Carter finished throwing up and Susan wrapped her little arms around his neck.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Asmera made up her mind and asked where she could find them. She usually wasn't this social, but she had a feeling they all needed some company. She headed over to Room 32A.

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Cat (coffeecat19) When she came in, Crter was in front of the toilet, Susan hugging him

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Asmera rapped her knuckles lightly on the door frame. "You okay?" she aske with a slight frown.

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Cat (coffeecat19) He nodded, holding his stomach, and hobbled over to his bed, sitting on the edge.

Susan toddled over. "Hi Asmerelda."

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ She smiled at the little girl. "Hi Susan. Sorry to bother you guys, you probably want some peace."

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Cat (coffeecat19) "No, it's fine, we like company." He layed down.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ "So... how long do you think you guys will be in here?" she asked, leaning against the door frame.

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Cat (coffeecat19) "I don't know, a few weeks maybe. And you can come in."

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ She did, perching on one of the plastic chairs put in for visitors. "That's gotta be rough. I'm here only for a few hours usually and its enough to drive me crazy."

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Cat (coffeecat19) "Well, were used to it." He sighed, lfting Susan with his good arm.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ "Then I guess its just me who can't stand be here more than seven hours," Asmera said, propping up her foot on the edge of the chair.

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Cat (coffeecat19) He layed down, breathing heavily.

"Car-ter?" She said slowly, over pro-nounvong the T. She patted his cheek with her hand

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ "Maybe I should get a nurse," she said, getting to her feet.

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Cat (coffeecat19) "No...I'm...fine... If you... call them."

"They put something sharp in Car-ter's arm."

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Asmera couldn't not agree with them there. Shots were bad enough, but IVs were worse. But if he needed medication, he should get it. "Are you sure? They meds really do help sometimes."

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Cat (coffeecat19) "It's ok, I just cant breathe." He sat up. "Gah!" He yelled as he sat up and could breathe.

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ "The people here are supposed to help you. If you don't let them, you could be here a lot longer than a few weeks," she warned.

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Cat (coffeecat19) "Fine." He said. "Please, hurry!"

₪Daughter of the Rain and Snow₪ Asmera left, grabbing one of the nearby nurses, Tina. She told her that a patient was having trouble breathing and led the nurse back to the room.

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