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Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments Name: Junior Dean
Age: 16
Gender: M
Appearance: SHaggy hair. Long though. He's freaking tall like me. Skinny yeah maybe average. Brown eyes,
Personality: rude, stubborn and everything else.
Crush:open? I dunno and I dont care if i have one
Other? Noope

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Nice XD

Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments oh bravos thanks>

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Onyxia The Dragon Name:Scarlett Newman
Other:She plays the electric guitar.

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Onyxia The Dragon thx.

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Tatum Name:Tally Hutchins
Personality:...Crazy? Basically just a fun person who is a kid inside and makes funny faces. But also has like a seriousness to her and can be a total jerk face:)

Onyxia The Dragon Awesome Charrie!

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UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 188 comments Mod
Name: Talia Dameeko
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Gender: Female...duuh...
Appearance: [image error]Src=
[image error]Src=
[image error]Src=
Personality: very smart and cunning. She can be very sarcastic at times and has low tolerance for ignorance. She's down-to-earth, straight-forward, and elegant.
Crush: Open but she's very selective.
Other: In to the Steampunk style. Has a twin sister named Delilah.

Onyxia The Dragon WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE PICTURES!?!?!?!?!?!

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 188 comments Mod
I have my ways.... ;)

Onyxia The Dragon >:P

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 188 comments Mod
It's just that if I go around telling, everyones going to be doing it and I'd hate for someone to end up with the same chick as me in another rp....

Onyxia The Dragon Oh

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UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 188 comments Mod
Name: Delilah "Kitten" Dameeko
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Gender: Female
Appearance: [image error]Src=
[image error]Src=
[image error]Src=
Personality: Delilah is the almost exact opposite of her sister. She's bubbly, friendly, quite slow, and arrogant.
Crush: Open
Other: Steampunk as well

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 188 comments Mod
Victoria(Via) wrote: "Oh"

Yeah. Most people just look up emo kids and whatever, it's too common if you ask me. There so much more out there.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 188 comments Mod
I might make two more boys too....

Onyxia The Dragon Hey UneasyHearts,I found the photo for your Talia character.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 188 comments Mod
Yeah, she's Kato. She's like the most popular in the Steampunk fashion.

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JennyGrace  M. Name: Josilene (Josie)
Age: 18
grade: 12
gender: female
Personality: she's very kind and sweet, but she knows how to defend herself and she can hold her ground. She's very shy when she doesn't know anyone, but once she's more comfortable she is very happy and bright and bold. She loves the beach.
Crush: none yet
Other: She is new at the school, she was born and grew up in Brazil, so although she speaks english fluently, she also has a spanish accent

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