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message 1: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14667 comments Mod
In Wilder Lands by Jim Galford Jim Galford

Genre: Fantasy (technically Epic Fantasy)

In Wilder Lands

Book Description

The wilding Estin just wanted to be left alone, find shelter and food, and live to a nice old age. With war escalating around him, these may be beyond his reach. Instead, survival becomes his only goal as he flees civilization to pursue the chance at a better life by following a fox wildling into the mountains, far from the war's conflicts.

The war might still be raging elsewhere, but Estin will find the mountains are far from safe. Estin must decide what he is willing to do and become, as well as who to trust if he is to survive, no matter where he lives.

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message 2: by Midu, wants to try muesli! (new)

Midu Hadi | 627 comments Mod
reviews only on GR, Smashwords and Shelfari.

message 3: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14667 comments Mod
sent in your request Midu.

message 4: by Midu, wants to try muesli! (new)

Midu Hadi | 627 comments Mod
Thank you Making Connections and Jim!

message 5: by Jim (new)

Jim Galford (jgalford) Thank you for your wonderful review. :) Second book just passed 120,000 words with an estimated release of August.

Still a few openings for reviewers if anyone else would like to jump on board.


message 6: by Midu, wants to try muesli! (new)

Midu Hadi | 627 comments Mod
Looking forward to reading it,Jim!

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