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Wes (pricerightbooks) | 473 comments Mod
Please feel free to speak your mind about this book in this room.

Simone (bookworm_babblings) | 6 comments I was originally unsure of this novel. My curiosity was peeked to find out what made Middlesex a Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction. The story started out to seem slow, until you understand that the family history is vital in the development of the story. Halfway into the story, you feel the emotional struggle Callie goes through as she finds herself. As a teen, her heartbreaking realization after reading her doctor's files, that she isn't gay, but a Hermaphrodite. The subsequent running away, living on the streets as she understands who she is and what it all means. This novel opened my eyes to the emotional conflict that many face.

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Wes (pricerightbooks) | 473 comments Mod
oh my

Leanna Wow, I think this just shot to number one on my TBR list.

Ahmad Qassab Bashi (ahmadkb) | 2 comments I'm reading Middlesex right now but god it is so long and hard to read. the beginning was great but as you keep on reading it gets so must read at least 300 pages till you get to the "Middlesex" story

Simone (bookworm_babblings) | 6 comments Ahmad wrote: "I'm reading Middlesex right now but god it is so long and hard to read. the beginning was great but as you keep on reading it gets so must read at least 300 pages till you get to the "Mi..."

It gets easier when you're about halfway in. It's worth the struggle, I promise.

Tessie (queentessie) | 1 comments I read this book last year. I was not impressed with it as much as with Eugenides's previous novel, The Virgin Suicides. I found this book very wordy and fell asleep often while reading it. I did like the underlying story in it once I got passed the wordiness. I did find it a struggle to complete the book though.

Bess (Neli) | 2 comments I've got so say I didn't love this book either - I know people were raving about it, one of my closest friends loved it so much, she bought me a copy even though I had already read it and she knew I didn't like it.

Such is the pervasive fandom-ness for this book. (The thought that ownership and a second reading would breed affection)

I thought the story was interesting but I just could not for the life of me engage with the characters or the way the story was written, go figure. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Cassandra Shepherd (darkraven_83) | 2 comments I started reading and I don't think I got past chapter 5..very long and drawn out..i might pick it up and try again though.eventually.

Helen Vanderberg | 1 comments Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides;
First, it’s a Pulitzer Prizewinner, which tells you something, but not sure what. I never agree with critics. Going by the title alone, it could be about that borough, county, ancient Roman subdivision outside London, but it’s not.
Not even about England at all, but about that third sex, known since the beginning of time, the hermaphrodite: man born with female genetalia or vice versa. To top it off, or overlay the complexity of this condition, the author, Jeffrey Eugenides (is that a subtle pun-de-plume?) traces the origin of this particular case through its DNA origin in a Greek village on the coast of Asia Minor--Smyrna, and follows the generational links until he lands in America’s crumbling Detroit. Remarkable for its voice, the narrator manages to turn drama into farce with an intelligent and witty spin that takes the breath away. A gripping yarn, the book is hard to put down. Even the ending catastrophe flies into unforeseen realms—in a Cadillac no less. An exceptional read that makes the whole Greek/American experience completely looney.
Helenscribe/The Domino Deaths

Emily  (toofondofbooks_) I love Middlesex! I just recently read it about a month ago. It's not for everyone because it is slow moving and can be hard to get through, but once you start getting into a groove with it, it's just amazing. I was in love with Cal and the Stephanides family by the time I was done.

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