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JumpStreet_ Lets pretend that all the Gracelings have joined together to form a school. Its like regualr high school execpt you also get to train your grace there too! Like, any skills that deal with combat will be in one group...
Once the Graceling has graduated, they each form a team of six that is drawn randomly from a gigantic bowl of names.
Then they will be told a mission to accomplish. Us (the authors) would each be incharge of one character. Its just like Roleplay execpt with more people and characters.
So, for the first annual Virtual Graceling School I suggest that we should suggest some missions. Then we will have a vote on which mission we should start with.
So, here is the roles that will be played.
Remember, first come, first serve!


Female: Mylan

You will be able to name your characters! Just fill in the form bellow:
Any further information that we should know:

I will edit on the way who is on the cast list. Once they are all filled up, the story will begin (in another Discussion Topic of course).

JumpStreet_ Name: Mylan
Height: 5'7
Grace: Hunting. Can smell when an animal is near.
Attributes: Very bubbly and chatty.
Appearances: Long black hair thats always in a bun, usually has daggers (instead of chopsticks) in her hair. Has a scar at the side of her cheek.
Any further information: Can easily manipulate animals with her voice (singing).

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