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The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)
This topic is about The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games Movie

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Hannah (AwsomeHannah) | 41 comments Mod
I would love it if we could. It would be so awesome.

George L (tigerfan233) | 16 comments I'm so ready for that movie to come out. Do u think that mrs. Cubby can take us on an educational field trip? Hahhahahhahahahhahahhahah;)

Kaitlyn | 14 comments We need to get her to take us to the midnight showing. That would be amazing. <3

Kaitlyn | 14 comments For reals.

George L (tigerfan233) | 16 comments That would be cool!!!!!!!

Hannah (AwsomeHannah) | 41 comments Mod
Yes it would be cool if the goodfreinds got to go see it.

Kaitlyn | 14 comments You guys know when it comes out right? Match 23rd!! I think I may change my birthday to that date... <3

Hannah (AwsomeHannah) | 41 comments Mod
That's funny kaitlyn.

Mrs. Cubby Culbertson (mrscubby) | 18 comments Y'all are a hoot! And THAT is why I luv you!

Madison Phillips(: | 6 comments That would be amazing .!!(:

Kaitlyn | 14 comments I love you too mrs cubby:) lol and thank you!

Hannah (AwsomeHannah) | 41 comments Mod
I know right but kaitlyn I'm afraid the movies not going to be as good as the book.

message 13: by Cal (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cal Bedenbaugh | 2 comments Let's go on a ROAD TRIP!!!!

Hannah (AwsomeHannah) | 41 comments Mod
Where should we go on a road trip to?

Kaitlyn | 14 comments To see the movie hannah!

Hannah (AwsomeHannah) | 41 comments Mod
Well he didn't say. He could have meant to Greenville.

Hunter Bond (HunterBond) | 1 comments He could've ment to the movies in greenville or just to the capital

Mrs. Cubby Culbertson (mrscubby) | 18 comments Looks like we should just meet up at the Capital!! Can't do it Saturday night, got trivia competition along with some of the rest of you guys!!

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