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Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland?

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Marielle i think alex pettyfer would play him better than jamie campbell.... no offense to anyone who likes jamie campbell!

Sydney At first I wasn't that happy about it, but then I saw him actually acting and I could really see him as Jace, and I understood why they cast him. He might not have the amazing looks everyone pictured Jace having but I think he could really portray his character well. :)

Kellie I didn't picture Jace like that at all.

★ Mist ☆ Cassidy ★ I love his acting but when I look at Jamie, I defintely don't see Jace. He's not what I imagined at all

S.L.J. Doesn't really matter now. The Movie's been cancelled or well, 'shelved'.

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S.L.J. Jace wrote: "Sammy wrote: "Doesn't really matter now. The Movie's been cancelled or well, 'shelved'."

Really?? Well that sucks!!
where did you hear that???"

Sony Cans Mortal Instruments

P.S. He is engaged to Bonnie Wright. :P

Summer Lane I think he will do an amazing job - I have a feeling he'll swing right into Jace's character well. :D

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Summer Lane Sara :) wrote: "Did you guys hear Jamie Campbell Bower and Bonnie Wright (the girl who played Ginny in Harry Potter) are engaged!"

Yeah. Pretty cool.

andrea pacheco I think he would do a fairly well job but i always pictured jace differently

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