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message 1: by Vira (new)

Vira Krykus (giraffee) Finished the series today. Coming off a high. Loved Annie Hart reappearance and the love potion mix-ups :) Lula and her love at the first sight were hilarious. I also like that Stephanie could take care of herself with the Raz guy.

Sara | 15 comments It didn't bother you that the book seemed to be written by 2 different people? I mean, honestly, what happened to the whole "my life needs to change; I have to find a real job/ pick a man" thing that was so prevalent in 60% of the book??

message 3: by Vira (new)

Vira Krykus (giraffee) I guess I'm glad that there was no vordo :)) I think Steph is setting herself up for a major disaster, soi hoping she will have to answer for her bed-hopping in the next book. I don't think she really wants a new job. She is living her crime-fighting fantasy, and from time to time actually manages to get her skip without Ranger's help. As for my life needs to change theme - she must be in her mid- thirties by now, right? Biological clock is ticking like that WWI bomb... And she knows Morelli wants family. So if the ticking combined with Joe drinking the potion prevail - she's going to start some wedding planning. Who knows, maybe Ranger will offer his child-making services too :)) in any case I really hope that aside from Steph's personal stuff, we'll also get some bounty hunting. I think the only case I enjoyed in the last five books was "free Vinnie"

Sara | 15 comments well, i'm glad someone still has the ability to enjoy the books.

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