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message 1: by Karol (new)

Karol How many of you tend to read holiday-related books this time of year? What are some titles you'd recommend? What are you reading this year?

message 2: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrisa-uk) I don't usually read holiday-related books - never have in the past! But I have never been in a book group or done a reading challenge before now! So this year I am reading Skipping Christmas by John Grisham for a book group, and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens for two challenges - read this one already and really enjoyed it!

message 3: by Kathy (new)

Kathy  (readr4ever) | 265 comments I usually like to fit in something holiday-related in December. I'm going to read A Christmas Carol again this year, as it's on a couple of group reads I'm doing.

message 4: by Nola (new)

Nola Tillman (scottiegazelle) Seems like we're hitting the popular one. I plan to read A Christmas Carol to the kids for their bedtime story once we finish our current read (Tom Sawyer). And I'll probably be checking out the infamous The Best Christmas Pageant Ever for the kids, as well.

Diverging from the topic, skipping Christmas was funny, although DH didn't like it much. I think Grisham's best non-lawyer book was "Playing for Pizza," though.

message 5: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Chind (cherryblossommj) | 89 comments I'm trying to catch up with this extra time to read some books that have been staring at me. But now I also have a Christmas stack, and I haven't a clue whether to continue these books or read the Christmas ones. Then, when I am finally get organized, I get to find out that I am substitute teaching for the next three weeks!!!

message 6: by Penny (new)

Penny I read The Christmas Carol to the kids last year, and we watched the Muppet version of it. (I thought the other movie versions might be a bit too scary for them). I was also reading it for a book club. We also read some of Louisa May Alcott's Christmas Treasury. This year we are reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It's the first time I've read it to them, and they really like it. A couple other kid books you may be interested in is The Nutcracker adapted by Susan Jeffers and Jacob's Gift by Max Lucado. If we have time, I may go back to the Dickens and Alcott books. There were some stories we didn't yet. We also studying Christmas traditions in other countries.

message 7: by Fiona (Titch) (new)

Fiona (Titch) Hunt (titch) | 867 comments I am also reading A Christmas Carol for a book challenge and Skipping Christmas for another book challenge.

message 8: by *Nan* (new)

*Nan* (nan4471) I don't tend to read holiday books since I am jewish.

message 9: by Penny (new)

Penny Nan--My 12-year-old is doing a research paper on holidays. He said he wanted to learn more about Jewish holidays and picked Hanukkah and Passover. We got three books from the library. But, if you have any suggestions for other resources, that would be great!

message 10: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) I am currently reading a book called "On Strike for Christmas" by Sheila Roberts.

message 11: by Karol (new)

Karol I'm currently reading "An Irish Country Christmas" by Patrick Taylor . . . enjoying it so far.

message 12: by Ellie (new)

Ellie I never manage to read holiday books at the right time....By the time I find them under my ever increasing pile of to read books near my bed it tends to be July.....That said I would like to try this year, so if anyone knows of anything good I would be greatful for any hints!

message 13: by Liz (new)

Liz (busy91) I try to read one Richard Paul Evans book around this time. This year I read Grace: A Novel.

I also read The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck which turned out to be a wonderful little read.

And since I've never read A Christmas Carol in all my years on this earth, but love the movie, I thought I'd read that one too. I loved it just as much.

I think I'm done this year with the holiday reads though.

message 14: by Dottie (last edited Dec 11, 2008 05:17PM) (new)

Dottie (oxymoronid) Just thought of a little, light, but meaningful as well, Christmas read which I haven't done in a long time: A Cup of Christmas Tea. It is packed away in christmas things instead of residing on the shelf where other holiday books are placed. I probably did that because I wanted to keep the patchwork (of holiday prints) teddy bear (which my young niece gave to me with the book) and the book together. When the niece was younger and still living nearby, I had the bear and book out annually as part of the decorating but then I moved away for some years and all the holiday things stayed in the attic and well, I haven't had these out in years. Time to pull that box down from the shelf and do a re-read.

message 15: by Ellen (new)

Ellen (grammyellen) i have been reading all Christmas books this month. Christmas letters by debbie macomber is very good. i've also read two novellas with four stories in them angels for Christmas and Christmas duty.

message 16: by Fiona (Titch) (new)

Fiona (Titch) Hunt (titch) | 867 comments I have read A Christmas Carol & Skipping Christmas so far.

message 17: by Kay (last edited Dec 16, 2008 08:23PM) (new)

Kay (infiniteshelf) I just bought a beautiful edition of A Christmas Carol / A Christmas Tree by Dickens. The illustrations are really nice, in my opinion, not too dark or too childish, but something in between.

Last year and the year before though I read The Autobiography of Santa Claus and How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas. The nice thing is that there is 24 chapters, like an "advent calendar" for readers! It's not the best writing, but it's sweet and put me into the holiday spirit.

message 18: by Karol (new)

Karol I've often read something by Charles Dickens around the holidays, either "A Christmas Carol" or "The Cricket on the Hearth", both of which I thoroughly enjoy. But this year I read "An Irish Country Christmas" by Patrick Taylor. It was nice to read something new - and I have to highly recommend the book for its insight on medical practice in rural Ireland in the 1960's as well as the characters. But there's not a strong plot per se . . . I also just read the book "A Christmas Story" by Jean Shepherd, upon which the popular movie was based. Often, I enjoy the book more than the movie (even if I see the movie first), but this wasn't true for me this time. It was just the style - the book is a memoir, and has various episodes that aren't necessarily connected except that they are things the author recalls from different times in his life. In the movie, they are tied into a cohesive - and very funny - story where it all happens at that one season. Shepherd's book is very enjoyable, though, and just like the others it helped put me in a good holiday mood.

message 19: by Penny (new)

Penny I started reading Louisa May Alcott's "Christmas Treasury" to my kids again. We hadn't finished it last year. We read "A Christmas Dream and How It Came True." I won't spoil it, but I think it's a must-read story!

message 20: by Meghan (new)

Meghan (bookreadera) | 29 comments I always read holiday themed, or at least stories set during the holidays, this time of year. This year I read:
Rest You Merry by Charlotte MacLeod, The Autobiography of Santa Claus by Jeff Guinn, Buried Bones by Carolyn Haines, and Santa Clawed by Rita Mae Brown. I'd recommend all of the mysteries to anyone who enjoys cozies (Rest You Merry is particularly good, IMO) and The Autobiography of Santa Claus, while not high art, is a very endearing holiday read, suitable for families.

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