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1.) Must feature Rainbow Dash, or be based around her. This sounds strict, but you still have the freedom to have OC's (original characters), but they would have to be surrounded by a plot involving Rainbow Dash.

2.) There are no limits on ratings. This could be a nasty lemon fic, or an awesome sweet fic. Feel free to make your own shippings, but please put the writing under a spoiler alert if it is a bit inappropriate.

3.) No limit on length, either. This is going to be a nice and loose writing contest.

4.) For some fun, the next few rules will be awesome.

5.) Your story MUST include two background ponies, by the names of Derpy and Vinyl Scratch (If you don't know who either of them are, google them)

6.) Twilight Sparkle must also appear, and she must be looking for a missing book. If your fanfiction is set in the future, be creative, and find a way to invest this into your writing.

7.) Princess Celestia must be mentioned by name seven times. She doesn't have to appear, just be named.

8.) At least ONE pony must have a death scene. This can be done in a flashback, or real-time, whatever floats your boat.

If any mods think I need to add any more guidelines, feel free to mention them.

****For those of you who suck at writing, please volunteer to be a judge. We need either one or three. Or two. Even if you are good at writing, and just don't want to participate, PLEASE help out!


Final Submission Sheet:

Approximate Word Count:
Rating: (PG, PG-13, R, Etc.)

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rachel | 139 comments Mod
This sounds amazingly fun! I would love to enter, unless judges are needed.

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Can I be a judge?

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Do Derpy and Scratch have to appear consecutivly (sp)?

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Nope. They can just be mentioned, but feel free to make them awesome side characters.

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...Um... I didnt think this through very well. Derpy's scene is in the newspaper on the headlines... dead. Crap.

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Lol. It's fine, as long as it turns out awesome!

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Well, Im the judge of awsome, but I give a spoiler: More than one pony is probably going to have a death scene, and Twilight comes closer than any one wishes.

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BTW, Wardog, I hate doing the trees in your drawing. They may turn out odd looking, so just a fair warning. Angel Dust has turned out fairly good so far, though.

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Just do em mlp style.

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I'm aiming for a realistic form of it, like you did. But I started doing it pixelated (like the show) but then decided to try an airbrush version. I'm working on both of them, so I'll just post both. ^_^

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Lol, k

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Hey, whats a fancy fancy restraunt dish that a big fancy restraunt would sell expensivly? For ponies? Two of them, actually, please.

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I know sarsaparilla was a drink in the show, which is another word for old fashioned root beer. It sounds fancy, so you could use that..

daffodil and daisy sandwiches have been mentioned, I think. Seaweed and kelp have also been shown, I think one of the mane six ordered it but said they didn't even like seafood, which could probably mean it was some nasty yet fancy food.

Let me search around the wikis for a moment, I can get a ton more.

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Ok, Im done but a few questions.
1. Do i just post it here?
2. What was the name of the fall race where the ponies run to make the leaves fall?
3. Am I still good with 29 pages @ 12 font (TNR) using MS Word?

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1.) Yes, just post it right here. I'll edit my first post for a format. Just refresh the page momentarily.
2.) Running of the Leaves
3.) That's fine, as long as you can simply copy and paste your writing in here. If you need to put your writing in two comments (if it's longer than the amount of words you can put in a comment) that's fine.

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... OHHHH MAN! 12000 allowed. 12185 in story!

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Lol, just make it two posts. ^_^

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(Having trouble posting it in fewer than 2 posts...) Thats maybe, 1/15 at least of the whole thing. You sure you dont want me to just post elsewhere?)

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Hmmm...Maybe you could e-mail it to me? In a document form, as an attachment? If you do, then you could just delete that last post of the story. Then I can read it and grade it here. Or you could upload it as a Google Document, if you know how to do that, then everyone can read it. You would have to make a Google account, though. It's real easy. Yeah, I think that would be best, unless you can't make a Google account.

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Here's a link to the Google log-in place. You can just sign up there:

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Do I need to send the doc to your account.

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No, just give me the link to it on here. I should be able to access it with ease. ^_^

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Kay, I sent a request to view it. Ignore my odd e-mail, I made it when I was ten. -_- It should be

I need to change it.....

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Ha, tell me about. Just be glad you remember your password... but I think I sent it.

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