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what dose this mark of anatata mean

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Danielwhyte i think the mark of athena could be more about dedalus and athena did burn her mark the owl on to dedalus for leting that we boy die
prehaps dedalus slipt out of the underworld when death wasent looking
and remember the 4 book on of the lines of the proficy said and athena final stand witch turnd out to be about dedalus not anabeth as i aroginaly thout

Hannah It is possible that it is about another Athena child, but I think Annabeth because she seems as though she'll be a big part of the final quest.

Fatimah yeah i think Annabeth will be something huge in the next book!

Emily I agree about Annabeth, but you never know-Rick Riodan is a pretty unpredictable person! And, It's not the mark of anatata, It's the mar of Athena. Do we know any other important children of Athena that could be the "Athena" of the book?

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