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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura Hart (lobopub) | 18 comments Hi All,

I have recently published my debut novel, The Toy Sorcerer YA/Adult epic fantasy; first of a trilogy. Book two, The Final Prophesy, is due for release November 2012.

The Toy Sorcerer is available as a Kindle, e-book and paperback via Amazon and Smashwords. Soon, hopefully, available in selected Waterstones UK and independent book stores.

The book has already received some phenomenal reviews, which is hugely encouraging and tremendously helpful feedback, especially as I write the sequel.

I would like to begin a Q&A on the listing here on Goodreads, but need more reader reviews so I can get a thread going.

I'm in the process of listing a paperback Giveaway too, so keep your ears to the ground. I've also listed The Toy Sorcerer on Read 2 Review on Goodreads and Read it and Reap, so plenty of opportunities to get a copy.

Looking forward to hearing from avid fantasy readers and those who would like to dip their toes in the genre.


Laura Hart

message 2: by Sabine (new) - added it

Sabine | 1 comments Hi Lara, 
I'll be sure to pass it on to my inner circle of reading fanatics!  We always love to give constructive feedback on promising books.  

Live the dream for us all!

message 3: by Laura (new)

Laura Hart (lobopub) | 18 comments Hi Sabine,

Thank you for that, much appreciated! I must admit I'm blown away by the response here on Goodreads; truly a group of book lovers who don't discriminate between legacy and Indie - they just love a good read.

Just as it should be!

All best,


message 4: by Stuart (new)

Stuart Ayris (stuayris) Absolutely Laura!! Makes such a difference to the likes of us!


message 5: by Ian, Moderator (new)

Ian (pepecan) | 5528 comments Mod
Best of luck with this Laura. I'm not into fantasy as a genre, but lots of other people in the group are, so hope you get some good feedback from them.

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura Hart (lobopub) | 18 comments @stu

Thank you both for encouraging words. Publishing your first book is always going to be a weird juxtaposition of anxiety and excitement, and receiving good reviews still makes my heart flutter! Perversely, I'm waiting for a bad one, there is always room for improvement and every reader view counts.



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