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message 1: by Meghan (new)

 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
Dear Group Authors,

We are doing our best to categorize all of the books on our new sub-shelves but we could use your help. Please make sure your books are on the correct shelves in our group bookshelf. Note that bookshelves are not exclusive; you may choose more than one based on major themes in your book.

1. Go to the group "bookshelf" (upper right).
2. Sort by authors and find your books. Click “edit”, over on the right of the page. If the book is greyed out, it is on the group bookshelf.
3. Click "choose shelves" and check each shelf that is appropriate for that book.
4. There are some other things you can add in the pop-up menu. "Why this book" adds a note to the listing. See First Sharing (Fallon Mates, #5) for example. If we do group reads at some point, we can also set that up in the pop-up menu.
5. Click “save group book” at the bottom of the pop-up menu in order to apply your changes.

Thank you for your assistance!
-The Moderators (Sean, Charming, Meghan)

aliens – stories which are about contact with an alien culture, for instance through commerce, space exploration or invasion.

cyber-genetic-mods – stories in which important characters (humans or aliens) have undergone cybernetic or genetic modification.

cyberpunk – stories that focus a mainly on computer programming/hacking and "living in the machine"

dystopian – stories in which a dystopian (oppressive/creepy/fatally flawed) society features prominently. Can include near-future Earth or other planets.

gay-lit-scifi – sci-fi that includes gay characters and themes, but is not primarily a romance (though it may have romantic elements). Similar to the distinction between gay lit and M/M romance.

group-author – for books by authors who are a member of this group

realistic-scifi – stories with classic sci-fi themes that obey the laws of physics and reality, as we know them. These stories should not only be possible but plausible, and the scientific realism should be important to the work. For example, fantastic creatures (elves, shifters, vampires, ghosts, zombies) would not go in this category, even if they are explained scientifically.

mmf – menage that focuses on a gay couple while a woman plays a small sexual role. Please do not post MFM in this group. (In mfm, the men focus on the female; this does not count as gay science fiction.)

military-war-scifi – an armed conflict is taking place in space, on an alien planet, or using other science fiction elements ; principal characters are usually members of a military service or are specifically designated warriors.

non-erotic -mm – sci-fi stories with romance between main characters, but not sexually explicit.

paranormal-scifi – this is intended to cover works that are science fiction, but are slanted towards paranormal themes or include paranormal elements. An example is "Hemovore" by Jordan Castillo Price, which is about a virus that causes mutations that resemble vampirism.

post-apocalyptic – stories that examine a world (usually Earth) after some cataclysmic event. That event has usually destroyed society as we know it. Most (not all) post-apocalyptic stories include dystopian elements.

removal-candidate – this Goodreads group is for gay science fiction only. Books that appear not to be science fiction will be placed on this shelf to give group members a chance to discuss the merits of keeping or removing said books. For example, non-science based paranormal or time travel stories would be moved to this shelf.

romance – works which emphasize the romantic relationship between the gay main characters.

space-opera – works that take place primarily in space and include impressive technology and a sweeping dramatic story.

time-travel – works in which the ability to travel to different times is scientifically based rather than magical.

to-be-determined – these are works that need to be shelved as soon as possible. Anyone can shelve a book if they have read it.

young-adult – works with young adult characters, little sex, and no explicit sexual scenes.

message 2: by Charming, Order theorist (new)

Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Just to add: please go ahead and shelve other books you have read as well.

message 3: by Charming, Order theorist (new)

Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Our TBD shelf has dropped from 88 to 80. Good work. We are planning to invite the GSF membership at large to help shelve in a few days, so that should move things along.

Authors, please add your other scifi books to the bookshelf as well. We want to be able to find them.

message 4: by Meghan (new)

 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
To clarify "realistic-sci-fi", the science and story take precedence over any romantic elements. (Having technical difficulties getting the "edit" link to work.)

message 5: by Casey (new)

Casey Cox (caseykcox) | 41 comments I'd like to add a military war sci fi Dark Edge of Honor by Aleksandr Voinov

message 6: by Charming, Order theorist (new)

Charming (charming_euphemism) | 787 comments Mod
Casey wrote: "I'd like to add a military war sci fi Dark Edge of Honor by Aleksandr Voinov"

Done. Should it be on any other shelves?

message 7: by Meghan (new)

 Meghan (mm_reads) | 168 comments Mod
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