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What is your favourite classical book ?

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message 1: by Madeleine (last edited Feb 15, 2012 09:03AM) (new)

Madeleine | 4 comments Mod
Hello everyone what is your´s favourite classical book? My favourite is Pride and prejudice from Jane Austen but Jane Eyer from Charlotte Brönte is also very nice book.

message 2: by Radka (new)

Radka | 1 comments Dedinitely Pride and Prejudice, sir Arthur´s (Conan Doyle, but I consider him a close friend) Sherlock Holmes stories, I loved Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde). I´ve recently bought Dracula but haven´t read it yet. And I´ve definitely forgotten some.

message 3: by Tereza (new)

Tereza (ylbirda) The Master and Margarita from Mikhail Bulgakov. But there are so many great books.

message 4: by JoAnn (new)

JoAnn Spears | 1 comments Anna Karenina is one of my favorites. I love Sherlock Holmes too, also Emma, Tess of the Durbervilles, House of Seven Gables, Age of Innocence, The Moonstone...the list goes on and on.

If you are a lover of classic literature, you might enjoy this blog:


message 5: by Vendula (new)

Vendula (vendula_d) | 1 comments Wuthering Heights .. Definitely ! :)

message 6: by M_ (new)

M_ Nevesta (m_nevesta) | 1 comments My favourite is Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky :)

message 7: by Barbora (new)

Barbora (barborap) I love The Picture of Dorian Gray, Alice in the Wonderland and Throught the Looking Glass ;)

message 8: by Mispulinka (new)

Mispulinka Dokoupilova | 1 comments Hi :) well there are so many great books but my favourite is Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen and also books by Emile Zola (Zabiják a Nana)

message 9: by Petra (new)

Petra (petiii) | 1 comments I adored Walter Scott's Ivanhoe.

message 10: by KateZ (new)

KateZ (kacakonik) | 1 comments I like Pride&Prejudice and Sense&Sensibility, Little Women, Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Les Miserables and many others, but it would be a very long list :)

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

My fave is Pride@Prejudice too. I like The Picture of Dorian Gray, Alice in the Wonderland and The Great Gatsby also.

message 12: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Wilson (StorytellerTDW) | 1 comments My favorite Classical Literature Pieces are

1. King James Version of the Bible - It literally has everything all in one book - good and bad.
2. Sun Tzu's The Art of War
3. And many other more normally considered Classics

I see lots of people have put Pride and Prejudice and I have not read that one yet, I probably need to add it to my to read list.

message 13: by Michal (new)

Michal Cemper (mimamo) | 2 comments Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck. Definetely the best choice.

message 14: by Grace (new)

Grace | 1 comments My favourite are Pride and Prejudice, Madame Bovary and Les Miserables :)

message 15: by Sophie (new)

Sophie AUSTEN - all! but favourites are... Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Persuaion and Norhanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield park - oh wait... thats all of them!!!

message 16: by Martina (last edited Mar 09, 2012 10:05AM) (new)

Martina (martinagalois) Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment
Hesse - Steppenwolf
ALbert Camus - Stranger
Jack London - Martin Eden
Oscar Wilde - Picture of Dorian Gray

message 17: by Aimee (new)

Aimee Collier I love Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte

message 18: by Bara (new)

Bara (storycollector) Shakespeare's playwright as Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth or Much ado about nothing.
I also liked R.U.R. by Karel Čapek.

message 19: by Marcela (new)

Marcela | 1 comments Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf :)

message 20: by Fidilip (new)

Fidilip | 1 comments Lolita from Nabokov :P

message 21: by Kristína (new)

Kristína (double_k) | 1 comments Steppenwolf by H. Hesse is top!

message 22: by Martina (new)

Martina (martinagalois) Kristína wrote: "Steppenwolf by H. Hesse is top!"

it is in my top 3 best books ever

message 23: by Beatrice (new)

Beatrice | 1 comments The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky :) All books by Jane Austen, Bronte´s sisters, Daphne du Maurier, Zagorka.

message 24: by Mária (new)

Mária (mariapeniaskova) | 1 comments I havent read a lot of them, but its probably second and third part of a serie "The Witch of Grič".

message 25: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Jane Eyre!

message 26: by Emily S. (new)

Emily S. (esondie) My favorite is Northanger Abbey or Jane Eyre.

Then again, maybe North and South.

I can't decide!!

message 27: by Ivi (last edited Jun 12, 2012 09:25AM) (new)

Ivi I love Jane Eyre. Then Pride and prejudice and Northanger Abbey. I also love Great Gatsby.

message 28: by Danielle (new)

Danielle (ramblingbooks) I haven't read many classical lit books because I have just now been getting into them, but so far I love Jane Austen. I absolutely adored Sense & Sensiibility and Northanger Abbey. I'm currently reading Pride & Prejudice. There is a long list of others I'd like to read too. Especially the Bronte's works. :)

message 29: by Bětka (new)

Bětka Hard to say what's classical... Well... I definitely love Master and Margarita, it's maybe the best book I've ever read. I love Franz Kafka, too... And Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's Le Petit Prince. And my favourite Russian author is Anton Pavlovich Checkov and his Seagull...

message 30: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Purhard (bodiebroadus) | 1 comments So far, my all time favorite classic is Moby Dick aka The White While, and also The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn. This is somewhat strange due to the fact that the authors of these two books have styles that are as contradictory as possible. But I believe that I can foretell the future and honestly say that War And Peace will make a trinity out of my favorite classic books. I'm currently reading the Tolstoy's masterpiece and it's an unbelievable experience for me.

message 31: by Michael (new)

Michael Jecks (michaeljecks) | 2 comments Any of the Sherlock Holmes stories, but also books like Tom Jones, The Count of Monte Cristo, and pretty much anything by Jane Austen for the elegance of the writing and the perfect observation of her victims!

message 32: by Zuzana (new)

Zuzana | 1 comments Romeo, Juliet and Darkness. (Jan Otčenášek)

message 33: by Michal (new)

Michal Cemper (mimamo) | 2 comments In Search of Lost Time... So hard to read, so awesome to understand.

message 34: by Astha (new)

Astha Khare | 3 comments Julius Caesar, the merchant of venice, COmedy of errors, Taming of the shrew, Macbeth! I love Shakespeare! Then there's Little women, Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, Wuthering heights...David copperfield...so many..too many..

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