Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2) Clockwork Prince question

Will or Jem??
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Question of current discussion:
Last book discussion, we had a lot comments about the love triangle. Use this post to pour your heart out...


I like them both so much! I think Tessa ultimately isn't going to be able to be with Jem because of her feelings for Will. I think her feelings for Will are stronger then for Jem, but I'm rooting for her to choose Jem. He's just so......good in every way. Jem adores Tessa and he deserves to have his queen.

ohhhh, I can't decide! Love them both!

Will is the right man for Tessa!! I LOVE Jem, but he really just isn't quite right for her. Will is perfect for her in every way and Tessa really should be with him, but I would cry if Tessa broke Jem's heart because I love Jem. (I am really torn.) There is no choosing between Will and Jem, but Tessa belongs with Will. Why would an author do this?! This is so frustrating!

Jem is a cutie patootie, but I'm in love with Will!! ♥ And Tessa pretty much liked him from the beginning. They belong together! But hey, if she doesn't want Will, I'd be more than happy to take him ;)

i think that tessa loves both of them. Her boys as she said. they are very different loves. but neither is better than the other. i think we as readers see will's love as stronger. but that is how we were meant to see it.

Magnus said we are drawn to what is beautiful and broken. will is both, we have seen jem as broken. we are also at an extreme disadvantage because throughout both books of ID, we have only ever seen how will loves tessa. we have seen and heard pieces from his perspective, but we never got jem's perspective (at least not one that i recall). not on tessa at least. we never got to see how he actually feels, just on how tessa sees him and how she thinks he feels. we got countless portions of will's feelings and torment. we were more able to empathize with him because that is how clare wrote it. we see jem and we sympathize for jem, but we never hear him.

i don't know how it will end...frankly i don't know how i want it to end. the men, and tessa's love for them, are too different to even compare almost.

i hope that she would choose jem even if i think that she will choose will

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doesnt anyone else feel like cassandra writes way more about will then jem, its like she wants us to side with will, we know more about him and his past specially in clockwork prince

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Why are we debating this! Hands down Will. From the beginning I was a Will fan but I kept an open mind since I told myself I can't decided after only reading the first book. After reading CP it made me laugh, that was the book where everyone was telling me where Jem and Tessa had their moments..which they did but there was no spark, no chemistry. Tessa is only marrying Jem because she feels bad for him. If she truly loved him she wouldn't be telling herself I like Jem not Will when they were engaged. Also the moments that Tessa and Jem shared were not that thrilling. The scene in his bedroom where Tessa almost looses her v-card seemed so random and was irelevant to what was going on during the time. I hope Tessa ends up with Will if not Cassandra Clare better sleep with one eye open, JK ;)

It's not a hard choice for me. Will all the way! Jem can go find some other american girl, Tessa is gonna be with Will. I don't know how or when, but it's gonna happen. Jem can go cry if he wants to, maybe Sophie will comfort him, but it will happen.


<3 Jem!!! ;D

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Apr 09, 2012 03:18AM
F 25x33
Lexi agreed :D
Apr 09, 2012 02:05PM

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♥Jem!!!! Completely! I'm not torn at all.


I love Jem, but I want Tessa and Will to end up together.

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I love WILL! He is so amazing and *swoon* handsome :)
Plus, (view spoiler), he is even more sexy!

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