Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2) Clockwork Prince question

Tessa & Jem
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first question of current discussion:
Their engagement: love? pity? how far do you go for a friend?

i think she really loves's just a love that is completely different, like 180 degrees different, from the love she has for will. in the bedroom scene when she kisses him, she says a part of her heart that she never knew was there was opened.

i think she has doubts about how she feels because will is still in the picture. if there wasn't another option she would be happy. it's the choice that is creating the issues. i don't think she was lying when she told will that she loved jem and could make him happy. no one has asked her if she thinks that it will make her happy.

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It's totally a mix of pity and love. She knows he's gonna die soon but she also kinda likes him. He's kinda a rebound guy because she felt rejected by Will, so she turned to Jem 'cause he was there for her, not knowing Will's act of cruelty was just that - an act. Plus Sophie made her promise not to break Jem's heart. There's a guilt trip there already happening because she knows in her heart that she loves Will more.

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