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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) The Class everyone goes to, it has no real subject matter: http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&...

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Josh walked in Lilah behind him, and he sat down at a desk close to the middle of the classroom, where he could talk to everyone.

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julia (juliaskim) Lilah gave him a small, thankful nod and sat down into a window seat in the corner and stared idly out the window.

Lucas was already inside twiddling his thumbs.

Brianna walked in and looked around.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Josh said hello to everyone who came in, and started a converstation with the people sitting close to him.

Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire struted in and flipped her hair

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) All the guys looked up as she did so, staring at her dreamily, but Josh kept talking, completely oblivious, and tried to keep his friends into his conversation, but it was useless.

Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire sat down, acting oblivious to the boys' stares

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Josh took out a pen and poked one of his friends with it to get him out of the clouds.

Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire looked at Josh "Dont poke people with pens" she teased

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julia (juliaskim) Brianna laughed. "They are totally into you." She snagged a chair next to her.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) "Its not nice to ignore people either." He countered, grinning.

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Kat ~on_my_own...~ (omigoshomigoshmigosh) | 176 comments Mod
Kristine sat down on the other side of Safire with a loud, dramatic sigh.

Lindsey sat next to Lilah, her head down.

((brb 4 a while...))

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Josh rolled his eyes. "Whats wrong Kristine?" He asked, knowing its what she wanted to hear. He saw Lindsey come in, but tried not to make a point of looking at her.

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire smiled slightly and then looked at Brianna "I have no idea what your talking about"

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) "Really?" Josh said to Safire. "Because every single one of them has been goggling you since you walked in."

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire looked at the boys behind her and then back at Josh "Oh were they looking at me?" she said prentending to be clueless

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nathen wa sjust now entering the class, Tardy due to his uncle.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) "No, they were looking at the wall." He said, playing along. "Of course they were looking at you."

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire laughed then shifted her gaze from Josh to look at Nathen breifly, she smiled slightly before turning to her friends

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nate didn't even glance to Safire, as he took his seat toward the back of the classroom.

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire sighed and looked down at her desk

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nate took out a notebook, and began to sketch in it.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Josh shifted, wondering when the bell would ring to dismiss them to their class.

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire grabbed a pen and poked Josh

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Kat ~on_my_own...~ (omigoshomigoshmigosh) | 176 comments Mod
Kristine glanced at him and looked away. "Its nothing. Thanks for caring though."

Lindsey, who could hear from the back, rolled her eyes.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nate kept sketching, zoned into the drawing.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) "Oww!" Josh said, jumping and grabbing his arm where Safire poked him. "What was that for?" He demanded.

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire smirked "For poking" she looked at his friend "Wheover that is"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nate's sketch was starting to take a form. He was a pretty good drawer...

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire smiled when the teacher told them they could do as they please, Safire got up and stretched slightly

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Here's the steps of Nate's drawing XD

Nate picked up a red pen and began to color in the rose.

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Josh coughed into his hand "Showoff." Then he turned and started talking to his friends.

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire walked around, unsure if her friends were following and went to Nate "What are you drawing" she asked softly

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nate sat up a bit straighter, and softly closed his notebook, looking up for the first time since he's entered the classroom. His soft brown gaze landed upon a figure leaning in the doorway. He blinked in suprise, at the owl pearched on the girl's shoulder. Serpent just went on glaring at the kids.

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire looked at Serpent and bit back a scretch, owls. She shivered she quickly scurried towards her friends

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Kat ~on_my_own...~ (omigoshomigoshmigosh) | 176 comments Mod
Kristine followed her immediatly.\

Lindsey watched them, her head down.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Serpent's arms were crossed, her back leane din the doorway, her gaze blazed like a never ending fire, full of nothing but anger and hatred. The owl on her shoulder hooed softly.

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julia (juliaskim) Brianna glanced at Serpent and then back to Safire. "Do you... have a crush on Nathan?"

Lilah sighed and pulled out her notebook.

Lucas looked around.

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire took deep breathes. And looked at the girl with the owl

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Nate tore his gaze away from the strange girl, and her owl, and glanced outside.
Serpent never moved.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Brb...i hate my parents.))

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Kathryn (imweirdgetusedtoit) Josh glanced around, and seeing that Kristine was occupied following Safire, he jumped seats so he was sitting in front of Lindsey. "Hey, Lindsey, did you get the math homework last night? I had trouble with a couple problems..." He said, wanting to talk to her about something, anything.

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julia (juliaskim) ((aww okay))

Brianna rolled her eyes. "Earth to Safire."

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire looked at Brianna "Huh? Of course not!"

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julia (juliaskim) Brinna stared at her. "Liar." She finally said. "But whateves. Maybe your not lying."

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire flipped her hair "I'd never lie to my girls, and besides I barely know him"

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Kat ~on_my_own...~ (omigoshomigoshmigosh) | 176 comments Mod
Kristine rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say Safire." She glanced around, her eyes boring on Lindsey and Josh.

Lindsey looked up, startled. She turned red but muttered, "Um, yes. Do you need help?"

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire laughed "Well do you have a crush on Josh?" she countered

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julia (juliaskim) Brianna grinned. "Okay then." She changed the subject. "Anyways, who are we carpooling with? I just got a new car but..."

Lilah watched Lindsey and Josh and then her gaze went to Kristine. She laughed to herself and began to write.

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Safire shrugged "I dont know, your choice Bri"

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